Mountain Lion And AirPlay Will Make The Apple TV A Great Business Tool



AirPlay Mirroring is one of the iOS features that Apple is bringing to the Mac in Mountain Lion. It’s a feature that offers a lot of potential for mobile professionals and educators in addition to being a great supplement to a family’s living room.

AirPlay Mirroring works the second generation Apple TV. The Apple TV itself as a small and easy to carry device that can plug into any HDTV or modern projector. That simple setup combined with a Mac running Mountain Lion makes for a perfect portable presentation solution.

AirPlay Mirroring has, of course, offered this ease of use when combined with an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S – and that has given business users some pretty good capabilities for presentations, particularly those that stick to a script and Keynote slide deck. Putting AirPlay Mirroring on a MacBook Air, however, opens up a much broader range of content and it is particularly advantageous for demonstrating software during a sales meeting or a training class.

AirPlay Mirroring on a MacBook also offers a key advantage over the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S in that the MacBook can create a wireless network to communicate with the Apple TV if none exists in the office, conference room, or classroom being where a presentation will take place. In fact, this entire setup can be easily prepared in advance for quick setup at a remote location.

Intentionally or not, Apple has created a winning business and education solution from one of its most consumer-oriented products (and one that’s supposedly a hobby). Given the $99 price tag of the Apple TV and the variety of low cost HDTV models on the market today, this could be a dream solution for smaller businesses and schools with limited technology budgets.

  • FriarNurgle

    Good point. Still interested in seeing how bad the lag will be. 

  • lesposen

    Moreover, how will Airplay and AppleTV handle Keynote’s Presenter mode? Me thinks a small update to Keynote ought to sort out this situation.

    Les Posen

  • Pierre Estienne

    Where can I download the new wallpaper of Mountain Lion?

  • Jordan Clay

    Using an iPad2, AppleTV and G!!! networking  I can Airplay racing games all day.   I don’t think that a fast action packed shooter such as COD would be ideal, but it would be doable.    

    Some issues may arise with the higher quality graphics, but I’m sure the processors of current Macs could blow it all out of the water if the iPads processor and memory could

  • Srose428

    This feature is worth the cost of the OS alone, IMO.