Steve Jobs Wears a Tie

Steve Jobs Wears a Tie

Foto: Markus Aarstad/

Heres’ the first picture of Steve Jobs in a suit and tie for at least a decade, maybe longer. Jobs wore the monkey suit to the Nobel Prize ceremony, in support of Al Gore, environmental activist and Apple board member.


  • DibS

    Heheh… Nurd…

  • Daniel

    I’m surprised his suit is not made out of aluminum and glass.

  • David

    He’s a PC.

  • razmaspaz

    Dare I say he looks good in that thing?

  • Steve

    He doesn’t look happy about it.

  • Steve

    Ironic that the smooth, casual Jobs is wearing a suit like a conservative businessman in support of leftist, treehugging Algore.

  • Xenex

    Not quite a decade — Steve was all dressed up in a suit and tie for his keynote at Macworld Tokyo in 2001.

    Why-oh-why do I know these things…

  • ironymalfuction

    Irony sensors are not functioning. Please explain.

  • Flibust007

    He looks tired.
    And unhappy.
    And old …

  • almux

    Hum! Even a billionaire has to get desguised in these “social” occasions… damnit! |o|

  • teo

    Steve was wearing a suit last month too at my birthday’s party.

  • Martin

    “Steve”, as you call yourself, i see no irony in your namesake wearing a suit. Such a form of dress is the preserve of right wing bigots rather than , as you put it “tree-hugging” pragmatists? How simple the world seems to some (simpletons?), everything is black and white.

  • Xmastotoro

    He wore a suit, but he didn’t shave…

  • Syannick

    He Looks Like a Sick Man….

  • iburl

    Steve wore a tie in Japan in 2001.

  • doane

    How’s Steve feeling these days? Is it still true that an estimated 25% of Apple’s stock value is tied to Steve’s health?

  • miss_lain

    WooHoo! Lookin’ good, Mr. Jobs. Gotta’ wash those other clothes anyway.

  • iEyecare

    I like the Harry Potter glasses too.

  • Hanii Puppy

    “How’s Steve feeling these days? Is it still true that an estimated 25% of Apple’s stock value is tied to Steve’s health?”

    It’s probably closer to 75%

    The man is turned apple into a Lazarus ffs

  • Hanii Puppy

    °The man turned apple

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