Coca-Cola’s New App Will Let You Literally Buy The World A Coke

Coca-Cola’s New App Will Let You Literally Buy The World A Coke

Let's hold hands and drink some Coke...and sing!

In 1971, Coca-Cola unleashed one of history’s most iconic commercials on the world. “I’d Like To Buy the World a Coke” showed people of various ethnicities and social classes standing on a hilltop, singing about how much they’d like to buy everyone in the world a soft drink originally based on coca leaf extract. The commercial was a huge success during its time, but watching it today becomes slightly unbearable with all of its cheesy happiness.

No one sings on hilltops anymore, so with a little help from Google, Coca-Cola has reimagined their iconic advertisement to be more fitting in the digital world. The end result is pretty crazy: rather than singing about buying the world a Coke, users of the Coca-Cola iOS app can actually purchase a Coca-Cola for people across the world.

Here’s the video showcasing the app:


Probably the coolest part of the ad app is that you can attach a personal message to the Coke and connect with complete strangers on a different continent. All through the indulgence of Coca-Cola. Which is terrible for your health, but I guess destroying your body is a small price to pay to bring the world together.

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  • ErinsDad

    Looks like they filmed the commercial with extras from ‘Logan’s Run’.

  • Frank Gamez

    What’s the name of the app / where can I download it?

  • Al

    I could really do with a Pepsi now.

  • Killer_Kadoogan

    Could someone buy me a Pepsi instead?

  • iwk4cocacola

    Pepsi sucks, Coca-Cola & Diet Coke are the number 1 & 2 brands in the word… want the best, you purchase the best, Coca-Cola….nuff said, I’m done!

  • iwk4cocacola

    Can’t find the app on my ipod touch…..HELP!!!

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