Officially Official: Omni Group’s Sync Now Non-Beta

Officially Official: Omni Group’s Sync Now Non-Beta

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Nerds who use Omni Group’s kick-ass task manager Omnifocus have a little bit of good news today. No, you still can’t export due tasks to a Google calendar shared with coworkers. You can, however, rely on the new non-beta status of the Omni Sync Server, which gets its official launch today. That’s not all: Sync is coming to all Omni’s apps.

The Omni Sync Server has been around for almost two years in beta form, and has been pretty much rock solid for much of that time. It currently keeps OmniFocus in sync between the iPhone, iPad and Mac versions, magically matching everything up over the air. Could Omni use iCloud for this? No, it turns out. The fine-grained syncing goes beyond what iCloud can do.

Currently, you can also use the server as a kind of Omni-only WebDAV drop box to share files between other Omni apps like OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner (as well as syncing OmniPlan projects direct), but the support forums say that iCloud will be coming for these simpler apps.

And a good thing, too, as once you start using Omni’s iPad apps you really wish you weren’t juggling copies of your documents back and forth. We shouldn’t have to wait long for full sync, either. All the iPad apps were recently updated with new, non-sucky document browsers to “set the stage for document syncing.” I can’t wait.

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