Apple Lists The Best Selling iPhone And iPad Apps Of All Time


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The App Store reached the 25 billionth download milestone over the weekend, and Apple recently announced the lucky winner of the $10,000 contest, Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China. It’s only fitting that the winner comes from China when you consider the exponential growth Apple has been seeing in that part of the world.

As it did when the App Store reached 10 billion downloads last year, Apple has revealed the all-time top paid and free apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Based on downloads, Apple has divided the results into 4 categories: top 25 all-time paid iPhone apps, free iPhone apps, paid iPad apps, and free iPad apps. Unsurprisingly, Angry Birds took the number one spot for top paid on the iPhone, and Facebook is still the top free iPhone app of all time. Apple’s own Pages app took number one for paid iPad apps while Angry Birds HD Free took the crown for top free iPad app.

Overall, games accounted for a large portion of the App Store’s all-time top titles. Apple’s own apps didn’t do that well in terms of iPhone downloads, while the suite of iWork productivity apps for the iPad all landed in the top paid hall of fame. Free or ‘lite’ versions of apps continue to do very well, indicating that people want to try paid apps before they buy (hint hint, Apple).

For complete lists and some more details, visit MacStories.

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  • shannon_f

    Like the note about Apple needing to implement a trial basis for apps or something like that!

  • joewaylo

    They do have try before they buy. Most of them are “Words with Friends Free” or “Angry Birds Free” that include the first ten levels before the users must purchase it.

  • cassandralite

    “Best-selling iPhone and iPad Apps of All Time.”

    Wow.  Of all time.  Even before Gutenberg?

  • Nichole_Bergs

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