Take Panoramic Photos On Your iOS Device With 360 Panorama [iOS Tip]



One of the easiest and most effective ways of taking panoramic photos on your iOS device is with 360 Panorama. Unlike other apps that have you moving your device an inch at a time and snapping a number of photos, this one allows you to simply pan around while it snaps the images automatically.

Once complete, 360 Panorama stitches everything together to provide a fantastic 360° image which you can share with the world on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Here’s how to take panoramic photos with 360 Panorama.

First, you’ll need to download 360 Panorama from the App Store if you don’t already have it. It’s only $0.99, which is cheaper than a lot of alternatives, and it’s much easier to use. Once installed, open up the app, point your device at your subject, and hit the capture button at the bottom of the display.

Once 360 Panorama has captured the first image, simply continue to pan your device around slowly while your device automatically captures each photo. When you’re finished, hit the capture button again and the app will begin stitching your images together.

Once it’s complete, you’ll be presented with your panorama. See how simple that was? You can now choose to save it, upload it, share it, or discard it.

If you save your panorama to your camera roll, you’ll only get a static image when you view it with the Photos app, but open it up again in Panorama 360 and you’ll be able to pan around.

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  • Brandon Montville

    Pano is much better. 

  • chabig

    Microsoft’s Photosynth makes taking panoramas amazingly easy.

  • JadRahme

    Personally I think Dermandar is the best panorama app for mobile! Check it out http://thejrexpress.com/2011/0

  • GregsTechBlog

    I use Autostitch when I want a really good looking panorama, and this when I want to simply make a quick one. The edges don’t always line up properly, and I’ve never been able to use it for a good 360 shot. Although, I didn’t like Photosynth too much either, and Apple’s own built in panorama feature isn’t very good. 
    360 is great for quick shots. 

  • Wes

    This isn’t an iOS tip…it’s an app that you buy. The other iOS tips that you’ve given have been things that are withing the software itself. I hope that apple includes Panoramic photos in iOS one day…such a cool tool for photos

  • Infins

    I have tried this, and it is not that good.. the best is DMD…

  • dannypolicarpo

    I agree I tried 360 Panorama when it was first released on the App store then discovered the free might I add, Microsoft Photosynth. To my surprise Photosynth is a great working app considering its produced by Microsoft ;]