Chinese Customs: Proview Has No Chance Of Banning iPad Shipments, We Love It Too Much



Proview Technology, which is currently suing Apple for its use of the “iPad” trademark in China, revealed yesterday that it is seeking a ban on all iPad shipments into and out of China. If successful, the move could delay Apple’s iPad 3 launch with the device unable to leave the Chinese factories in which it is assembled.

However, according to Chinese customs, Proview has no chance of blocking iPad shipments because customers just love it too much.

Yang Long-san, chief of Proview Technology, told Reuters in a telephone interview on Wednesday:

The customs have told us that it will be difficult to implement a ban because many Chinese consumers love Apple products. The sheer size of the market is very big.

Apple is, of course, fighting against Proview’s complaint, arguing that it purchased the rights to the iPad trademark in China several years ago. But Proview disagrees, and some believe it could be because the company is in financial troubles and is seeking to secure a settlement from Apple as a way out.

The company has already had an impact on iPad sales, with several retailers including Amazon China halting sales. However, we are skeptical that Proview will be successful in its bid to ban iPad shipments.

[via MacRumors]


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  • Rob Bowers

    Irony? Chinese company accusing a US company of copyright infringements… Just sayin.

  • John Howell

    OK! Two things.
    1: what noddy in Apple negotiated this deal with a submarine clause this big in it.
    2: Could Apple just buy preview and shut them down?

  • rqing54
  • sagar Patel

    Proview is asking for an unreasonable amount. Apple claims that they bought the trademark for like $55,000 years ago. Proview probably realizes that they could’ve gotten A LOT more. If this bullcrap delays the iPad 3 i’ll be really pissed off!