Amazon Freezes iPad 2 Order In China As Trademark Dispute Continues



While Apple’s trademark dispute with Proview Technology rages on, the iPad continues to feel the strain in China. Following its ban in one Chinese city, the device has now been pulled from Amazon China and the retailer has frozen all orders.

Searching for the iPad on Amazon’s Chinese site returns no results, according to Tech In Asia, while the iPad 2 product page no longer gives you the option to purchase the device. And it’s not just Amazon, either; Suning, a similar retailer, has also ceased iPad sales completely.

The ban comes just a day after Proview revealed that it was moving to have all iPad shipments into and out of China stopped. The company is looking to secure $38 million in compensation from Apple for the use of the “iPad” name in China.

Apple bought the trademark from Proview back in 2006 for around $55,000. But Proview claims it did not sell the rights to the name in China, and therefore, Apple does not have permission to use it there.

But despite this, the iPad is still available from Apple’s online store in China, and many other retailers continue to offer the device. Apple maintains that Proview refuses to honor their agreement with the company and that a Hong Kong court has sided with Apple on the matter.

However, the Cupertino company is still feeling the affects of Proview’s complaint.

[via SlashGear]