Microcone Revolutionizes Multi-Track Recording on the Mac [Macworld / iWorld 2012]

Microcone Revolutionizes Multi-Track Recording on the Mac [Macworld / iWorld 2012]
SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / IWORLD 2012 — One of the Macworld Best in Show winners that caught my attention during the past few days is an audio solution by Australia-based Dev-Audio. The Microcone features a revolutionary technology that innovates the way multiple tracks are produced.

The Microcone is an incredibly intelligent microphone that is unbelievably simple to use and can help anyone manage group conversations. While it’s not going to be something everyone can use, there are some practical applications beyond traditional meetings that are worth looking at.

Here are just a few of the other applications that the Microcone can enhance:

  • Podcast recordings. If you’re producing a podcast with multiple hosts or guests in the same location, the Microcone can not only focus on the person speaking by activating one of the corresponding 6 “shotgun-like” microphones within the device, but you can use the Microcone recording software to mark action items for show notes, send off your recording for pay-per-use voice transcription (ideal for getting show notes quickly and easily) and a whole lot more.
  • Table reads. I’ve written plenty of comedy sketches that involve several actors, and the Microcone would be a great way to record the reading of the scripts, clearly separating each actor into their own track.
  • Interviews. Bloggers and journalists who don’t necessarily do podcasting can essentially sit down with a subject, interview them and send it off for easy pay-per-use transcription or to get a better quality recording on the whole.
  • Recorded plays. Much like the table read, this will make the production of “radio drams” and the like a far simpler process.

The Microcone retails for $359 (in Australian dollars) and the Mac software add-on is and available at The Mac App Store. The Microcone remote iPhone app enables users to control the Mac app remotely, and it is available for free in The App Store.

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