MacHeist, Twitterific & Realmac Software Team Up To Revolutionize To-Do Lists With Clear


The App Store is a morass of to-do list managers, but there’s reason to perk up your ears about Clear. It might seem like just another to-do list manager from another new studio, but it’s neither. Clear is something special.

First of all, while Impending may be a new studio, it’s by some talent that every Cult of Mac reader should know and love: Phill Ryu and David Lanham, the guys collectively (but separately) behind the MacHeist bundles, The Heist, Classics (the app that inspired iBooks) and Twitterific. That’s an impressive pedigree, but that’s not where it ends. Also involved is Dan Counsell from Realmac Software, the developing house behind some of the best Mac apps around.

What makes Clear truly special, though, is the interface. You really have to watch the video above to see why Clear is so worthy of getting excited about. To-do list managers are a dime-a-dozen on iOS, but Clear has managed not only to turn the competition on its head with a revolutionary new way to interact with your lists, but it does so without any visible interaction or UI buttons. And it looks just super fun to use.

Clear isn’t out yet, but Realmac has posted a sign-up sheet on their site that will alert you when it becomes available.

Deals of the Day

  • facebook-505899793

    Great looking interface, but I need something that links to an equally well-designed Mac app. Things just doesn’t get it done.

  • Don Pope

    To be really good it has to:
    a) sync to Google tasks or something similar so that I can access it from a browser.
    b) interact well with the notification center.

  • MacHead84

    I like Wunderlist….has apps for all operating systems as well as a browser interface. 

  • billywanzi

    Awesome, just awesome… But, I do hope it launches with an iPad and Mac version and iCloud syncing!

  • Argun Tekant

    Yes, but can I talk to it?
    Siri basically ruined all todo list and reminder apps for me. No fancy interface is as good as speaking to it as soon as you think of something.

  • jwilling

    Wow, and to think I was about to release an app that functions almost exactly the same way.  Yikes.  Maybe it’s time to rethink my app a bit.

  • David Sánchez

    It’s really beautiful, but EpicWin is still my favorite.