Apple Now Giving Refunds For Pointless GameStore App



Apple is now giving refunds to customers that purchased the bizarre GameStore app that surfaced over the past weekend in the App Store. GameStore offered in-app purchases for non-existent racing games.

In an email to customers that purchased GameStore during the brief time it was on the App Store, Apple has noted that the app was made available for sale “prematurely.”

You recently purchase the GameStore app. The app was made available for sale prematurely. We apologize for the problem and have refunded the purchase amount back to your account. These funds will be applied to your original payment method within 5 business days.

When it was on the App Store, GameStore was listed as having a June 2009 origin, despite the app surfacing only days ago.

The wording suggests that Apple will eventually release GameStore again. Let’s hope the app actually does something the next time around.

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  • JoViKe

    Apple said purchase instead of purchased and “refunded … back”? They usually proofread.

  • Leo Vodi?ka

    to se mi líbí

  • Jordan Clay

    the wording is correct.

  • Un_FollowMe

    congratulations to the idiots who paid for it in the first place

  • JoViKe

    In what way?