Google Voice For iPhone Gets Support For Sprint, Multi-Recipient Texting



Google has issued an update to its Google Voice app for the iPhone today to introduce support for devices connected to Sprint, and multi-recipient texting — a feature that has been available in Google Voice for Android more than a month — a multi-line text entry field, and one-touch copy and paste within the Dialer.

Version of the official Google Voice app hit the App Store earlier today and will be a welcome release for all Google Voice users, especially if they’re on Sprint, which gets support for the first time since the app was released. The app now ““sends all calls to the native dialer when the phone is integrated with Sprint.”

Multi-recipient texting lets you to message more than one contact at a time, allowing you to send out group messages quicker than ever before. What’s more, it feature contact autocomplete that makes it quick and easy to input your recipients.

The latest release also allows you to copy and paste numbers into the Dialer, and provides a multi-line text entry field with a character count.

[via The Next Web]

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  • Edward Chamberlain

    Damn right… F Chord does make your hands ache… :(

  • TLoke2112

    Sweet! I’ve been using Talkatone fro free calls on my iPod Touch 4G but will abandone that for texting as it is so awkward. These updates just made my free phone that much better.