Apple Fixes App Store Bug And Allows iOS 3.1.3 Users To Download New Apps Again



Following a report published yesterday that detailed the problems users were having when attempting to download apps from the App Store under iOS 3.1.3, Apple has quietly issued another App Store update today to rectify the issue. Those who are still running this firmware on their iPhone or iPod touch should now be able to download new apps directly to their devices again.

After an update to the App Store on December 16, users who are still running iOS 3.1.3 — either through choice or because their device is not upgradable past this release — reported that they were unable to download new apps to their device directly from the App Store. While they could update existing apps, the only way to install new ones was to download them through iTunes and then sync their device.

While some reports had speculated that Apple may have blocked the old iOS software in a bid to encourage users to upgrade, it seems that this was indeed just a bug, which has now been fixed according to new posts on the Apple Support Communities forum:

Yes, it is true, after near one week after, the AppStore works again in our “old”  iOS3 devices.

As with the previous App Store update, this will happen in the background, so you do not need to do anything with your device manually.

Are you able to download apps again under the iOS 3.1.3 firmware?

[via SlashGear]

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  • Holio

    Blogs were making such a big deal that one of them (probably jizmodo) started to talk about how this is fragmentation of iOS devices.  Hyperbole and fearmongering at best.

  • Skywaytraffic

    This affects literally 3 people.

    Who is still running iOS 3?!