Google+ Update For iPhone Adds Full Resolution Photo Uploads, Search, Photo +1, More



Google has issued an update to its official Google+ app for the iPhone today, and in addition to a fancy new icon, the app now allows full resolution photo uploads, searching, and more.

The latest update is available to download now from the App Store, weighing in at just 19.1 MB. It’s got a bright new icon that you can see above, and it will now allow you to upload full resolution photographs for the first time.

The app has also gotten a brand new search bar, which gives you the ability to quickly search for both posts and people. This is incredibly handy if you already have a ton of friends, and you want to get to one of them without having to scroll through all your circles.

Also included is the ability to +1 photos posted by your friends — just like you do with their posts.

Google has also used the update to make some bug fixes and performance improvements, which will be more than welcome to those who have been experiencing issues with the app.


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