Trapster 4.5 For iPhone Finally Knows Where You’re Going, Adds Realtime Traffic Overlays & More



Trapster is one of those apps that should be installed on every motorist’s iPhone. Not only does it alert you to speed traps, speed cameras, and road hazards, but with its latest update it finally knows where you’re going, and it’ll give you real time traffic overlays all the way there.

Now that Trapster has been acquired by Nokia/NAVTEQ, it’s done away with Google Maps and adopted NAVTEQ’s terrific map data, which enables you to tap into a ton of info, such as real time traffic overlays. That means the app doesn’t just help you avoid speeding tickets anymore — it’ll also help you avoid traffic jams using the same technology utilized by most GPS devices.

What’s more, while you’re driving Trapster will continually tell you what the speed limit is of the road you’re on, with notices every time it changes. It’ll also provide an alert when you go over the speed limit if you ask it to, and its built-in speedometer will allow you to monitor your rate of travel.

As part of its continued expansion, Trapster 4.5 also provides two new languages in the form of Arabic and Portuguese. As ever, Trapster is completely free to download and use, and it’s available now in the App Store.

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  • AlecTheFirst

    Can I change it to alert me if I go (speedlimit+8) MPH?

  • Sean Farrell

    Great post! Thanks so much. Feel free to share feedback on Trapster’s facebook page: ~Sean

  • Sarah86756

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  • al friede

    just ran the update this morning, then found this on here, and after taking a look at it, the new look and feel of it is def much better – and even the app’s icon looks better with the black background. i still can’t understand how this app is free, but i certainly hope it stays that way!

  • volodoscope

    I like Waze much better.

  • IgalSc

    Waze is much better, it’s being updated every day, not once i n a while, it has all the LIVE traffic, cameras, police traps, etc…
    And it’s fully functional turn-by-turn GPS

  • Timothy Weaver

    And numerous government agencies will eventually attempt to subpoena this information so they can send out speeding tickets to users. It would be funny if it weren’t so likely to come true.

  • Andy

    Waze is cooler! And actually works!