Watch Steve Jobs Brainstorm With His Team At NeXT In This Fascinating Documentary [Video]

Walter Isaacson’s terrific Steve Jobs biography offers a magnificent insight into how Steve created Apple, and the work he did behind the scenes. However, it doesn’t talk all that much about NeXT — another computer company Steve founded during his spell away from Apple in the mid-eighties.

These fascinating clips from a series called Entrepreneurs do, however. They show Steve as many of us have never seen him before — discussing new ideas with his team, brainstorming on company retreats, and leading NeXT to create something awesome.

Check out more of the documentary after the break.

You may notice that in the first clip above, one of Steve’s staff stands up to him at around the 10:30 mark. This is Joanna Hoffman, according to commenter Sho_hn on Hacker News, who was part of the original Macintosh team and had a reputation for standing up to Steve.

  • Wkingbg

    What year is this from?

  • jnjnjn3

    “However, it doesn’t talk all that much about NeXT — another computer company Steve founded during his spell away from Apple in the mid-eighties.”

    The book also doesn’t talk about NeXTSTEP and its translation to Mac OS X. It also fails to see the link between Apples huge success and the start of Mac OS X and iOS.


  • W. Guy Finley

    Wow, this stuff is golden. I too was a bit disappointed with how little time was spent on NeXT in Isaacson’s book because Apple’s resurgence didn’t start at Apple, it started at NeXT. What was done at NeXT became the basis for OS X and everything that would come.

  • Logo Logo

    Like a butterfly going through chrysalis the turtle neck shirt is appearing beautifully…

  • Mike Pisino

    The only thing I kept thinking was “WILL THE DAMNED NARRATOR PLEASE STOP TALING OVER STEVE?!” But that’s just me.

  • payam

    Dang, if someone can remaster all these videos and put them on a DVD, I would like to buy. 

  • Murph2

    The book also doesn’t mention that the iPod OS was made at Pixo (In development there for years!). It falsely states that a crappy OS was made by portal player. Totally False.

  • Gordon Terry

    LOL napoleon dynamite at 4:32

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