5 Free iPhone Apps To Help You Make The Most Of Black Friday



It’s that time of the year. The busiest shopping day in existence is nearly upon us: Black Friday.

As Apple and iOS fanatics, we naturally look to the App Store for useful apps when life’s obstacles are thrown our way. The topic of Black Friday is no exception, so we’ve collected some of the best, free iPhone apps available to help you make the most out of your shopping experience this year.

TGI Black Friday

As the crown jewel of Black Friday apps, TGI Black Friday is a must-download for any serious shopper. For keeping up with all of the crazy deals out there, users can view ads from all major retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Sears. TGI doesn’t just give you the regular stuff, you also get peaks at the leaked ads and deals before the rest of the public.

You can compare prices from different retailers and search for week-long deals that are available prior to Black Friday.

Besides the ads themselves, TGI Black Friday offers other helpful features, like push notifications for new ads. You can create a personalized shopping list and share deals you come across on Facebook and Twitter. Deals and shopping lists can be emailed in-app as well.

Powered by TGIblackfriday.com and DealCatcher.com, TGI Black Friday is an essential app for the serious shopper’s arsenal. Download the free iPhone app in the App Store to start hunting for deals.

Black Friday by BradsDeals

Like TGI Black Friday, this app gives a metric ton of ads from all kinds of retailers. Some will find the interface of BradsDeals’ app to be more desirable, and there’s a “Top Deals” feature that’s particularly useful.

You can browse ads from retailers and get specific info about a certain deal’s timeframe and location. Your shopping planner is integrated throughout the app to let you add items as you come across them. BradsDeals aggregates deals from companies like Restaurant.com with special promo codes in the Top Deals section, so you’re not only limited to the typical retail offerings.

Black Friday by BradsDeals is a free download for the iPhone in the App Store.

Decide.com for iPhone

Decide.com is very much like ShopSavvy, only with a focus on electronics. On the iPhone, Decide.com can be a powerful tool for finding hot Black Friday bargains in the electronics industry.

The app compares nearby and online prices, so you can get a sense of where the best deals are. Not only that, but you also get recommendations on whether you should actually buy a product or not. If Decide.com thinks that a new model is coming out soon or that there’s about to be a price drop, you’ll get told to hold off on your purchase.

You can scan gadgets’ bar codes to look stuff up in the Decide.com database, or you can just browse different categories in-app. For the electronics geeks out there, Decide.com is a great app with spec info and product comparisons. Decide.com for iPhone is available for free in the App Store.

Google Shopper

Many forget that Google has a powerful shopping service for finding the best deals.

The great thing about Google Shopper on the iPhone is that it integrates with Google’s maps, voice, and search capabilities as well. The app has a “Deal of the Day” feature and shows you hot deals in your area. You can scan barcodes of just about anything to get price comparisons and availability details online instantly, and you can search for things with your voice.

Google Shopper is a great app with an even better price tag. You can download Google Shopper’s iPhone app for free in the App Store.


Unlike the previously mentioned apps, Savvy works just as well after you buy a bunch of stuff on Black Friday. Savvy offers the price protection you need for your crazy holiday purchases.

Smart shoppers will love Savvy’s features because the app specializes in making sure that you save money. You can scan scan receipts and barcodes or enter a purchase’s details manually to keep track of that product’s fluctuating price. If a product’s price drops under what you originally payed at a certain retailer, you’ll be alerted.

Savvy’s “Deal Maker” feature lets you enter products and set the price that you’d be willing to pay. The app monitors 40 of the largest retailers, and when the price drops, you’ll be the first to know. The app’s receipt manager and wish list also help create a compelling tool for the dedicated shopper.

Savvy is still in beta, so the experience isn’t totally polished, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The iPhone app is free in the App Store.

Let us know in the comments if you plan on using any other cool shopping apps for Black Friday!


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