Apple Will Not Live-Stream Today’s iPhone Media Event

Apple Will Not Live-Stream Today’s iPhone Media Event

If, like me, you were hoping to keep up with Apple’s announcements today via a live video stream straight out of Cupertino, then we have bad news for you: Tim Cook will not be gracing the airwaves for an instant live-stream.

9to5Mac has confirmed with an Apple press representative that there will be no public live-stream for today’s iPhone media event. Although the event will be live-streamed to the company’s flagship Covent Garden store, this will be strictly for Apple staff and European press.

If you want to keep up with the news, however, we’ll be live-blogging the event and covering everything as it unfolds, so be sure to stay tuned. We’re also expecting Apple to release a video of the event sometime later today via iTunes — as it traditionally has done before — but this normally doesn’t drop until at least a few hours after everything’s wrapped up.

Are you disappointed that there will be no live stream?

  • ?? ? A Citizen

    seriously… wtf ! It leaves a bad impression of “Tim Cook” management style.

  • iHaveScales

    WHAT!?!?! No Live stream? I WANT TO WATCH IT!!!

  • omicrone

    AdobeMax is a great example: best media servers, bad broadcast experience anyway ..I don’t need live broadcast that sucks, it downgrades the whole presentation .. liveblogging or livetweeting is enough .. plus I can see the keynote in HQ just few hours later ..

  • Jacobc17

    There has never been one before, so why should i be disappointed? Because you put the idea in my head and it isn’t so? Strange article. 

  • Aaa


  • Hello

    god damn it! i want it to be streamed AARRGG

  • takeo

    Looking back at the times when I used to sit in front of my Mac to watch the Keynotes live… I had my coke and popcorn and nobody bothered me – that’s when nobody really cared about Apple.

    Then they started to get popular and stopped those live-streams, because at the very last 2 events the livestream always dropped and they couldn’t provide the bandwith anymore, even with Akamai… 

    What a pity, I miss it. :(

  • Chris Walsh

    There’s always been one… I for one was looking forward to it as it’s the first time I’ve not been working while it’s on…

  • bas

    They never do live streams, although I would’ve liked one this time :)

  • Jason

    What are you tards smoking? They never live stream these presentations. They are recorded and available AFTER the fact through and itunes

  • KillianBell

    Apple did do them for a couple of the events, however, they didn’t live stream WWDC in June.

  • KillianBell

    That’s right. There have been a number of live streams before.

  • KillianBell

    But it’s not Tim Cook’s fault. Apple hasn’t done regular live streams for a while now.

  • Thestooge

    Get a grip

  • Jonathan Morse

    That’s great news:-).

    Now I won’t have to choose between watching the live stream and going bass fishing. 

    We’re in the middle of the fall run of bass out in Montauk.

  • Matthewantaya

    One would believe that this is not an issue of server capacity. Did we forget that Apple recently opened one of the largest data centers in the world. I for one was let down after all this hype speculation and rumor. Maybe this event will not be as groundbreaking as we thought. First clue, small ( micro ) venue and now this. I only hope that this is about editing out the new CEO’s quirks as not to send APPLE stock plummeting after possible bad first impressions.

  • omicrone

    Yes, the signs are, it won’t be that big .. but from what I have seen in rumors, mockups, prototypes, .. I won’t be buying this year’s flagship .. the jump won’t be that big, the design most possibly a step back (I don’t like iPod Touch), and most features won’t be enabled by our mobile operator or stores anyway .. 

  • HuggableSoul

    Apple is full of sh–! They are so secretive and just love to keep the public on their toes about all of their products. And then when it’s time to reveal a product that the world has so eagerely waited for what seem like forever, the exclude us from even being able to see it live. I feel so sorry for all of you who choose to allow yourselves to succumb to Apple’s hidden ways of manipulative tactics of product creation and publication. Samsung, who is really giving Apple a good run for their money and is such a constant threat to Apple is now being suid by Apple due to Apple bitching about infringement BS.

    I’m sorry but enough is enough. I am an Apple fan myself and all of my computers, laptops and tablets are Apple products. 27″ iMac, 2 MacBook Pro’s, 2 iPad 2’s, two iPhone 4’s. But seriously, I’m starting to realize that my hard earned money is more important to me than to spend thousands upon thousands on a company who doesn’t give a rats ass about it’s consumers since all they do is come out with products who don’t mold with the change of times forcing people to buy new models with only just a few “non”significant upgrades.

    I’ve been a loyal fan of Apple but of all they do is leave fans like me (believe me, there are hundreds of thousands like me that also share my griefs), hanging in the dark only to even leave us in the dark and not even allow us customers who have spent $1,000’s on their products to even have access to live streams of their products, is outrageous! Apple loses all of it’s stripes with me from this point on.

    Sorry Apple! Then again, I’m absolutely DEFINATE that you aren’t sorry at all.

  • Hampus

    Why did they stop doing that, it was nice when they did that, even if only Apple device could stream it… Now when I have an iPad to stream it on they won’t stream anymore :p

    Oh well, guess I’ll monitor the Live blogs or something and see the keynote when it ends up on itunes…

  • Gian Centeno

    Very disappointed.. guess I have to follow the news somewhere else.

  • Hampus

    The iPhone 4, iPad and the new Macbook Air (the first one in the new format, 2010 one) were all livestreamed…

  • Jonathan Wells

    So it’s a choice between a live stream and a live stream? Tough one.

  • Jonathan007spencer

    So they opt for a much smaller venue, hence the apple campus to make new CEO, Tim Cook feel at home on his first major announcement, and next they top that by saying they’ll be no live stream. Is he a man who struggles with nerves?

  • Fiercehairdo

    He’s only stepping into Job’s shoes and presenting a much anticipated key product to the ENTIRE WORLD! Don’t get the nerves either….

  • Delbert Rodriguez

    Tim Cook is showing the differences between him and Jobs….

  • baby_Twitty

    I’ll be tuning in to good old Engadget :)

  • Toby

    How am I supposed to watch it now?! I live in Australia, and I was planning to get up at 4am just to live stream the entire thing! Now I am going to have to view it once its all been said and done. Now where’s the fun in that?!

  • Liam Warrilow

    Very Disappointed esp since iOS and iCloud are dropping and he doesn’t have a live stream, Come on Tim its supposed to be all about the cloud… ;-( 


    There hasn’t been a live stream of an event in quite a while, so was I the only person not expecting it?  I doubt it.

  • Fairenoughfoster

    What? They’ve not streamed events way before tim took the helm.

  • Manyoaddg

    Truly tragic! I can’t understand why they wouldn’t stream the thing live… Unless of course tim is likely to make a mistake which Apple will later edit out of the public release

  • Aaa


  • Jonathon Wilson

    I doubt it, first they don’t live stream most of them and big announcements like the unibody MacBooks and the iPod where revealed at the apple campus by jobs 

  • Slash_Cynic

    Maybe because they know it will be the 4S. Streaming the event would disappoint people even more.

  • MarcusV

    the evolution will not be televised

  • Aaronb

    I will be following Leo on TWIT 

  • robgilgan

    When was the last time Apple live streamed one of these events? It’s been a long time. Did the author of this piece not know this? Or did one of his nasty workmates put him up to it?

  • Mike Smith

    Cant wait for the iphone 5.

  • Adkgiles

    iPhone 5 will be Apple’s “payback” to many naysayers since the return of Steve Jobs. To create a new phone with a little more web use etc than the others was big. Touch interface integrated nearly exclusively (no keyboard only home button and a few small ones) was also big. App store and the dynamic switch in distribution and ease of installation was equally big. Many more examples could be offered to chronicle Apple’s rapid implementation of a long sought goal. But make NO MISTAKE … if they can pull off the Voice Control with the “Assistant” search (Siri AI interaction) at the same time iCloud and the massive data storage facility in N.C. Goes live with the needed IOS 5 features … all of these without any serious hiccups … This will be the undisputed biggest advancement of practical user interface implementation of ALL TIME …. WOW !!!!!!

  • Figurative

    Yeah, and everyone knows Samsung does live video feeds every time they release a new product.  BTW: Your feigned attempt of being an Apple user just falls flat.  It’s pretty obvious.

  • Ciclismo

    Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  • Figurative

    Oh yeah, that’s the reason.  Plus Cook has a notoriously bad stuttering problem.

  • Figurative

    It’s Steve Jobs not Steve Job.  OK?

  • Albert Finney

    Yeah, whatever

  • Figurative

    People!  Listen up.  Apple hasn’t done live streaming for some time.  This is not news.  What would have been news would be if they did stream it.  You’ll be able to watch the video later today or tonight. And you’ll be able to follow the event live via blog posts.

  • andyfico

    Such anger and a great sense of entitlement.  Apple doesn’t owe you anything.  You’re still gonna buy Apple and you know it!

  • Anonimo

    I can’t wait for this event!!

  • Tupcs

    Just 4 hours more! :)

  • _mcat

    would of thought that shinny new data centre could handle a live stream… gutting.

  • Edward Chovgan

    Yes I am disappointed:(

  • Fiercehairdo

    Oops! Sorry.

  • Joshann Schoen-Clark

    NOO! I wanted to watch! Will we get to watch later?

  • LTMP

    I think that Apple doesn’t live stream because they want to support the press.  If they live streamed their events, you guys would miss out on a crapload of page views.

  • Isaac Burlo

    As long as there is some sort of live coverage ( even if it is not by apple ) I will be happy :)

  • Felfac

    Fuck yer they never do thus os the noyk problem with there keynotes they never bollody stare them

  • Felfac

    Soz just read this and released how many mistakes there are sorry

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