iOS Developers Continue to Lose Money Thanks to In-App Purchasing Issue



The option to purchase additional content within iOS applications seems to have been plagued by an error for at least 10 hours now, with in-app purchases “failing in a big way,” according to one report. iOS developers who rely on the income they receive from in-app purchases are beginning to lose their patience with Apple.

Engadget reports that a number of iOS developers are suffering from the issue, which means no one can purchase content through their applications. The problem is believed to be connected to fake purchase receipts getting into the system, though this is yet to be confirmed.

One developer says the issues is “losing lots of sales” for apps that use receipt verification, and that the issues is “threatening to more-or-less take down the entire IAP ecosystem.” While other have turned to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

It sounds like it’s a pretty major issue for developers right now, and seeing as though Apple’s rules don’t allow them to sell their content outside of the Apple store, their loss of income will surely continue until Apple resolves the issue.

Are you a developer who has experienced problems with in-app purchasing? Let us know in the comments.

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  • joewaylo

    I’m not a developer, but I’m having horrible issues with my in-app purchasing too.
    Navigon keeps trying to verify my purchase with the Traffic and Panoramic purchases I’ve restored Wednesday when I formatted my PC.

    I’ve had impatience ever since June when my Mailbox has been plagued with deleted messages returning to the inbox.

  • elvergallo

    “plagued by an error for at least 10 hours now…” wow I thought it was more like days or weeks. I guess some people really need their cash fast..

  • SbMobile

    4 people = a problem?! People should do more homework on Apple! If a problem isn’t in the millions, Apple won’t be worried, AT ALL!! Only “big-time” developers will attach their names to a complaint. Don’t come on here & complain, then on Oct. 4, Apple reports more profits for developers! You’re only going to make yourself look stupid.

  • Rula

    We had very serious in-app purchase problems in Mac OS X for about a month, but I have to admit that they seem solved now. Though Apple never admitted anything and some developers got ruined with 1 star reviews on their apps.

  • Bogguard

    It doesn’t only plague developers (like me), it also makes that every customer that buys something doesn’t really buy it, because the backend servers can not verify it.
    This is a huge issue SBMobile…Not for developers, but especially for in-app purchases made by customers..And not ’bout 4 people, but about thousands… (just for our app)

  • AlterThending

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