How to Search iTunes and the App Store From Your Mac’s Menubar



Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to search iTunes and the App Store from your Mac? Tunesque allows you to do just that, by giving you access to all of iTunes from your Mac’s menubar.

Tunesque, by AFK Studio, is a lightweight (811kb) instant search tool that sits in your Mac’s menubar as a little icon. The interface is dead simple, and you can quickly search iTunes, the iOS App Store, and the Mac App Store.

If you find yourself searching in iTunes multiple times throughout the day to check out an app or look up a song, Tunesque is the perfect companion for your menubar.

When you use Tunesque, you’ll see how quick it is to search for what you want to find. The only unfortunate thing is that Tunesque opens up your queries in an iTunes link, which means you’ll be taken to your browser before you get to iTunes itself. The good news is that you do get a nice little preview window of whatever you’re looking at from within the app.

Tunesque has two color schemes, and the app’s preferences can be configured to display only certain parts of the iTunes store. The app will let you search every area of iTunes, including categories like eBooks and Podcasts.

Perhaps the best feature of Tunesque is that it’s totally free. The app can be offered for free because Apple sends the makers a percentage of purchases made through Tunesque via the iTunes Affiliate program.

Download Tunesque for your Mac today on the developer’s website.


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  • derekedelaney

    Nice post

  • Marc Negron

    I want to install this. But I wonder how much I will actually use it. 

  • Kowboy456

    I think you should have told us it only works in Lion. I had to go to their website to find that out…

  • traydevon

    Thanks for telling us how to access its preferences. \sarcasm