This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Block Breaker 3, Marathon, Eternity Warriors & More!



This week’s must-have games roundup features Gameloft’s latest Block Breaker release — the ultimate ball breaker for iOS — which boasts deeper, more intricate levels that take you far beyond a single screen full of blocks.

The revival of Bungie’s Marathon on the iPad — the first ever Mac FPS — is also on our list, in addition to an impressive 3D combat game from Glu, and more!

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited — ($0.99) iPhone / ($0.99) iPad — Games

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Gameloft’s latest Block Breaker release is about much more than just breaking blocks. Experience deeper, more intricate levels, that take you much beyond a single screen full of blocks. Grab power-ups, trigger switches and blast through gateways to reach new areas as you push your way towards the top. Try to keep up with multiple balls on a same screen, and even multiple pads! The thrill never stops thanks to an awesome level generator that lets your create your own levels. Enemies and epic boss battles await you each step of the way, so stay focused and have a blast!

Marathon — (Free) iPad — Games

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“So begins the Marathon, the first in the epic trilogy of first person shooter games that re-defined the genre.” Marathon — originally from Bungie, the creators of Halo — was one of the first first-person shooters for the Mac. It boasts 27 levels of pulse-pounding action in which you must defend the Marathon colony ship against the alien Pfhor. Your role as cyborg security officer will see you face missions that include exploration, puzzles, and extermination. Wield a selection of 7 weapons, including .45 magnum ‘mega class’ pistol, M.75 assault rifle with grenade launcher, and a ‘Zeus Class fusion pistol.’ Marathon might be as retro as they come, but it gives modern day FPS games a good run for their money!

Eternity Warriors — (Free) Universal — Games

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Eternity Warriors is an impressive combat game based in a 3D fantasy world that boasts fast-paced melee action gameplay. “After 20 years of peace in Northern Udar, a powerful new Demon threat has emerged under the command of evil Demon King Kilic. The Demons have overrun and transformed the once vibrant land into a cesspool of danger and evil. Only the courageous Eternity Warriors can defeat this rising threat to the world of Humans and Elves.” Experience spectacular sword fighting combat alongside your friends, with a magical array of swords, axes, armors and power-ups to choose from.

Occurro! — (Free) iPhone — Games

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Occurro! is a Geometry Warsstyle dual-stick space shooter that was first released on the iPhone back in 2009. After some sound issues, the game was pulled from the App Store and is finally back for free with some great new features, including OpenFeint and Game Center support. Control your ship through 360º of top-down mayhem using touch- or tilt-based controls. Fire your lasers in any direction to destroy the endless waves of enemies. Grab power-ups to increase your score and add new weapons, and see how long you can last. If you’re a fan of Geometry Wars, I can’t recommend Occurro! highly enough.

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