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Crank out a fantastic thesis in a flash with this top-rated Mac app


This top-rated app makes writing your thesis a breeze - and it’s less than $20 right now.
This thesis writing app is a must-have for students and costs less than $20.
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Enjoyable thesis writing: For many students, it may sound like an oxymoron. But using a great app that eliminates the fuss around writing and editing papers can be key to making the whole process quick and painless.

MonsterWriter is one of the best-reviewed Mac writing apps out there. And right now, you can purchase a lifetime license on sale for just $19.99 (regularly $34).

Write prose like the pros with this powerful writing app


Try out this Mac and iOS compatible writing app to find the word on the tip of your tongue.
This might be the right type of writing app for you, and it works on Mac and iOS.
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When you need to get some writing done, your MacBook screen can suddenly seem full of fascinating distractions. Even looking up a word can leave you 10 links deep down an internet rabbit hole you never planned on diving into.

Using a dedicated writing app like MasterWriter can help keep you on task. And its robust reference tools make it fast and easy to find the perfect words and phrases to express your thoughts.

For a limited time, MasterWriter’s two-year Creative Writer plan is on sale for $99 (regularly $149).

This AI writing app creates killer content automatically


This discounted app can write blog posts for you.
From blog posts to marketing emails, Autowriterpro can generate the copy you need with just a click.
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Even if you love writing, it takes time. Between an empty draft and a finished document come plenty of research, revisions, formatting and other time-consuming tasks.

AI copywriting platform Autowriterpro streamlines the writing process, with automated tools that can free you from much of the drudgery of writing and rewriting documents. And for a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription for for just $39.99 (regularly $469).

Generate articles using this AI writing software, now less than $40 for life 


Write quicker than ever before with this AI copywriting app.
Fight writer’s block forever with this top-rated AI article generator.
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Whether you write for work, need SEO-targeted product descriptions, or want to drive more traffic to your website, turning around top-quality content quickly is essential. Now, incredible AI writing software is available to help you eliminate the time it takes to write.

You can generate articles in flash with Autowriterpro — it’s one of the highest-rated artificial intelligence-powered writing apps around. If you’d save a ton of time having your copy generated for you, now’s the time to try it out. A lifetime subscription to Autowriterpro is on sale for just $39.99.

This AI writing tool banishes writer’s block and saves hours of your day


Make your writing stand out with this AI software that does the hard work for you.
This AI software will make your writing sound professional (and it's on sale for 94% off).
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By Carlee Carbone

It’s inevitable for writers, especially copywriters, to find themselves in a rut due to constant repetition. Luckily, there are tricks to avoid staleness and make your writing more interesting — especially if you have to write about the same subject more than once.

That’s where a $75 AI writing tool called Rytr comes in.

Become a better writer for life with this $199 ProWritingAid bundle


This software and educational bundle offers everything you need to become a better writer.
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“Trust the process.” That popular mantra encourages us to keep grinding through hard times because good will eventually come of putting in the effort. Whether you’re studying a new language or learning to play the piano, your practice will eventually pay off.

Get early access to Black Friday pricing on this 5-in-1 grammar checker


WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: This tool will make your writing far more powerful.
This tool will make your writing far more powerful.
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Now that so much of our daily work and communication has shifted online, it’s more important than ever that our grammar is impeccable and our sentence structure is solid. Whether you’re drafting an email, wrapping up a report under a tight deadline, or even typing up your digital holiday card, you want to be sure you’re saying exactly what you mean.

Since it takes a lot of effort to make sure you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s, there’s WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker — an English-correction tool that takes the guesswork out of what you’re drafting and brings out your inner wordsmith.

Improve your grammar and writing with machine learning


Gain access to a suite of web-based tools for improving your writing quality, for emails, reports, and anywhere else words are involved.
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Becoming a better writer requires feedback. But not everyone has room in their life for writing workshops and deep dives into literature. If you want to improve your writing quickly and easily, you need this web-based tool that uses machine learning to polish your prose.

Clean up messy text with this handy Mac writing app [Deals]


TextSoap Mac App
Clean up all the tiny text errors that take up way too much time.
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When you work with text from various sources, it’s easy for little errors to slip in. Extra punctuation marks, misspellings, useless characters, miscapitalized letters and similar sneaky slip-ups can make your text look less than professional. And correcting errors can take as long as writing itself.

Highly rated Mac app TextSoap removes unwanted text, fixes carriage returns and sorts out loads of other text-based formatting problems. Grab this time-saving tool now — and a hefty discount — and let it take care of those nasty text artifacts for you.

Ulysses adds iPad full-screen view, and keyword manager


Ulysses Summer 2019 edition.
Ulysses Summer 2019 edition.
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I’m writing this post in Ulysses, a text-editing app that separates the writing part from the printing/publishing/exporting part of the process. And today I’m writing in the brand-new Summer 2019 edition of Ulysses, which adds new features and a new, super-clean iPad full-screen mode.

Ulysses is therefore better than ever before. Come with me, and check out all the new stuff contained in Ulysses 17 for iOS.