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App Store, Apple Music and many other services all suffer outage [Updated]


Apple online services having technical problems
Apple reports that over two dozen Apple services are having an "outage." That includes many of the most-used ones.
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Apple is having a major outage of its online services. No less than 29 of them are reporting major problems, including the App Store, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Podcasts, and some iCloud services.

So it’s not just you. Stop rebooting your computer trying to fix it.

Update: Apple was able to quickly fix some of these, so the current total is eight services still having problems.

Update 2: All problems with Apple online services have now been resolved.

Not just you: iCloud Private Relay is offline [Updated]


Not just you: Several Apple online services are having ‘issues’
iCloud Private Relay is really offline.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Mabel Amber/Pexels CC

iCloud Private Relay, a privacy feature that recently debuted, is temporarily offline. The service for iPhone, Mac and iPad is a public beta so a few hiccups are to be expected.

Apple promises the optional, for-pay add-on feature will be back online soon.

Update: Private Relay is back after being offline for 7.5 hours on Wednesday.

Here’s why you can’t make an Apple Card payment [Updated]


Apple online services having technical problems
Apple Card has been hit with a software outage.
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Update: Apple changed the status for Apple Card from “outage” to “resolved outage” Wednesday afternoon. The service was offline for almost exactly six hours.

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Apple Card users may find that they’re unable to make a payment or see recent transactions. Apple reports that the software that handles these tasks for its credit card has been having problems for several hours.

iCloud Mail ‘issue’ leads to slow Apple email [Updated]


iCloud Mail ‘issue’ leads to slow Apple email
Your Apple email is slow or not arriving at all because iCloud Mail is having problems.
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Update: Apple changed the status on iCloud Mail from “issue” to “resolved issue” on Thursday afternoon. Problems with the service persisted for about 5.5 hours before being fixed, though.

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It’s not just you having problems with an Apple email account. Apple reports that iCloud Mail has been having an ‘issue’ for several hours.

The service is not completely offline, however.

It’s Not Just You: TV Shows Category Mysteriously Disappears From Apple TV



If you’ve been wondering why the TV Shows icon on your Apple TV has suddenly vanished today, you are not alone. We’ve been getting tips for the past several hours from readers who can’t access the TV Shows category of the iTunes Store on their Apple TVs, with some complaints being as old as this morning.

What’s odd is that Apple’s status page for cloud services hasn’t mentioned the outage yet. The TV Shows section of the iTunes Store seems to be working for most on the desktop, so maybe it’s just a bad glitch. We’ll update this post once Apple acknowledges the issue.

Image: Alexander Martinez