4 perfect Apple gifts to wrap up your shopping quick


2020 Apple product gift guide for the holidays
Get your shopping done fast with these Apple products.
Photo: Apple

If you’re still hunting down the perfect gifts for your family and friends, look no further than this gift guide filled with Apple products and accessories. From a killer deal on a MacBook Air to EarPods as a stocking stuffer, we have four products at all price ranges — so you can find the best gift for others (or yourself), on your budget.

Get early Black Friday access to these top Lightning cables


10-Ft Cloth MFi-Certified Lightning Cable is super-strong.
We've got all kinds of cables on sale right now.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than a charging cable unexpectedly quitting on you. (Well, maybe not). Thankfully, there are lots of reliable options out in the market today — and we bet this roundup of cables for Lightning devices has options more innovative, durable and convenient than the ones lying around your house.

Check out some of our favorites and take advantage of early Black Friday access (no coupon code required) for savings that make these the perfect stocking stuffers.

Take an extra 20% off these 4 great iPhone accessories for Prime Day


Save big on some of the best iPhone accessories out there with our Prime Day sale.
Save big on some of the best iPhone accessories out there.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Every year, Amazon’s Prime Day opens the floodgates on digital deals. Prime Day might be the ultimate shopping holiday, but Amazon doesn’t really need your money. Here at Cult of Mac Deals, we’re offering other ways to save, with massive discounts — and four full days of savings!

For example, we discounted each of these iPhone accessories by half or more. And continuing through October 14, you can save an extra 20% off nearly everything in our store by entering coupon code “OCTSALE20” at checkout.

New braided Lightning cable for iPhone 12 appears in pictures


These iPhone 12 dummy units show what the real handset might look like.
The new iPhone could come with a more robust charging cable.
Photo: Marques Brownlee

Twitter user @laobaiTD, aka Mr-white, posted images late Wednesday of what he claims is the braided Lightning cable that will come with iPhone 12.

At present, the Mac Pro is the only Apple product to come with a more-durable braided cable, which also provides a premium look. Check out the images of the alleged iPhone 12 cable below.

These steel-jacketed Lightning and USB-C cables resist fraying and tangling [Deals]


Evercable: Score the world's strongest phone cable, with 4.3 foot length, fast charging and data-transfer speeds.
Score what just might be the world's strongest phone cable, in either Lightning or USB-C.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Mobile devices depend on Lightning and USB cables to stay charged and synced, so it’s a bummer that those cables are so prone to fraying and breaking. Even in perfect shape, standard Apple cables tend to last just a few months. Not so with these Iron Man-worthy cables from Evercable.

Snag a pair of tough, tangle-free Lightning cables [Deals]


2 Pack Lightning Nylon Cables
These nylon-braided, 10-foot Lightning cables prevent tangles, fraying and overheating.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Lightning cables are the life lines of our iOS devices. So it’s a drag that Apple’s own cables prove so prone to fraying, breaking and tangling. Not so with these braided, extra-long, stylish alternatives — which you can get for a lot less!

Save on a trio of extra tough, extra long Lightning cables [Deals]


10-Foot Cables
Pick up three. 10-foot Lightning cables in any of three colors, for about a third the usual price.
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Lightning cables are the lifelines for our iOS devices. Too bad they’re so prone to fraying and breaking. That makes having a backup a must, even better when you can get three, and better still when it’s less than a third the usual price.

Wear your tech on your sleeve with these wearable chargers and headphones [Deals]


WRAP Roundup
These MFi-certified earbuds and Lightning cables are also stylish fashion accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We take our mobile devices everywhere we go, and that means carrying around earbuds and charging cables. So instead of stuffing our bags and pockets with our accessories, why not accessorize with them? These cables and earbuds from WRAPS turn them into stylish bracelets, for the ultimate in functional fashion. Read on for more details:

Dongle-tangling: Use dark chaotic forces and never lose your headphone adapter again


Dongle-tangling is the hottest thing since AirPods.
Dongle-tangling is the hottest thing since AirPods.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You know how headphone cables always get tangled? In the past, I have put a cable down carefully, and picked it up just moments later, and the wires have already tied themselves into knots. And you know what else is super-annoying? Apple’s stupid USB-C and Lightning headphone adapters, the kind that you have to use if you want to plug headphones or cables recent into iPads and iPhones.

But what if there was a way to take both these annoyances, and combine them into something … slightly less annoying?!? That would be amazing, obviously. Today we will see how to use the powerful dark force of tangling to stop you from losing your headphone jack dongles.

These Go-Tough power accessories will probably outlast your iPhone [Deals]


Score reinforced Go-Tough power banks and cables to travel-proof power for your devices.
Score reinforced power banks and cables to travel-proof power for your devices.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We rely on our digital gear for almost every aspect of everyday life, and our devices rely on power. So if there’s a break in the chain, whether a dead battery or a bad cable, it can create a cascade of problems. That’s why we’ve rounded up three of the best super-tough charging accessories from Go-Tough. From rugged batteries to reinforced cables, they can take a licking and keep on … well, charging.

Most importantly, you can rely on them for a constant supply of precious power.