Save 59% on a Nomad Battery Lightning Cable for a limited time [Deals]


Nomad Battery Cable
This MFi-certified Lightning cable includes a high capacity backup battery built in.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Keeping your iPhone charged on the go usually means carrying at least a Lightning cable and a backup battery. But with the Nomad, you get everything you need in one accessory. And right now, you’ve got a rare chance to snag one at a massive discount.

Level up your charging game this Labor Day weekend [Deals]


Labor Day Sale Charging and Power
We've rounded up some of the best deals on charging solutions ahead of your Labor Day travels.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

to goLabor Day means hitting the road for an extra long vacation weekend. That means extra opportunity for running out of power at the worst possible moment. So we’ve gathered some of the best deals to upgrade your charging game. From wireless wall chargers to portable batteries, to clutter-cutting power hubs, there’s something here for everybody. Even better, you can save an extra 15% when you use the code SAVE15POWER at checkout.

This charging cable is so tough it’s wearing chainmail [Review]


Fuse Chicken Shield review
No hyperbole: the Fuse Chicken Shield is truly sheathed in chainmail.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Shield charging cable from Fuse Chicken is literally wearing stainless steel chainmail. It seems designed to survive battle with orcs, or at least the dangers it might run into on a job site. Amazingly enough, this company’s Titan cable is even more rugged, being wrapped in two layers of flexible steel.

There are Lighting and USB-C versions of both, and we took them into battle to test their mettle. Actually, we towed a car with one, and hit the other with a hammer. Read on to see how they survived.

We have gear to toughen up your charging game [Deals]


Nomad Roundup
We've rounded up the sleekest, toughest iPhone charging solutions from Nomad.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Our phones and tablets depend on some pretty frail charging equipment. The soft white Lightning cables that come with iPhones fray and break so easily it’s easy to think they’re designed that way. It pays to sync and charge your devices with a cable that’ll last, so we rounded up some tough, innovative charging upgrades from Nomad:

Mophie’s new charging lineup lands exclusively at Apple stores


Mophie wireless charging pad
The latest Mophie wireless charging pad heads for the Apple Store.
Photo: Zagg/Mophie

Apple likes Mophie’s new chargers and cables so much that it added all of them to its online store, and many retail locations too.

Included on the collection are a wireless charging pad, two car chargers and an array of durable Lightning and USB-C cables.

Apple might kill the Lightning port with speedier waveguides


Apple waveguides patent
An iPhone receiving data via a waveguide wouldn’t need an external port.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple is looking for better options for transmitting data than wires or wireless connections. One possibility mixes the two: sending high-speed data down waveguides.

The result would something capable of transferring data much more quickly than a wire and without requiring a port on the iPhone.

Score a smart cable that charges devices safely [Deals]


This Lightning cable upgrade offers extra reach, overcharge protection, high speed charging and more.
This Lightning cable upgrade offers extra reach, overcharge protection, high speed charging and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The standard Lightning cable comes with a number of shortcomings. It’s short in length, vulnerable to nicks or fraying, and can’t keep track of what its charging or when it’s done. This extra long smart cable offers an upgrade on all those fronts.