iPhone 11 Pro flexes its muscles in muscle car film


Carfection episode shot on iPhone 11 Pro
As seen through an iPhone 11 Pro.
Screenshot: Carfection/YouTube

The YouTube channel Carfection is car porn and episodes are shot to hook an auto buff teetering on the brink of addiction.

Undulating roads, sumptuous light, purring engines, a slow pan on every line and curve, Carfection uses an arsenal of cinematic gear to achieve perfect shots.

Would an iPhone 11 Pro used to shoot a recent episode on a special edition Mustang sate Carfection’s car lovers?

New Zealand looks dreamy in iPhone film shot with cinema lens


iPhone film of New Zealand by Mathieu Stern
Shot on iPhone – with a big assist from an anamorphic lens.
Screenshot: Mathieu Stern/YouTube

In your pocket is a camera capable of making films that stretch across a silver screen. But to get that sweeping, horizontal field of view, you want to make room in an extra pocket for one important accessory – an anamorphic lens.

Rather than explain it, Parisian photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern shows off the wow factor an anamorphic lens delivers with a short film he made in New Zealand using an iPhone 8 Plus.

New lens adds Hollywood sheen to iPhone video


Sandmarc's new anamorphic lens
Sanmarc's new cinema lens provides 2.4:1 aspect ratio coverage.
Photo: Sandmarc

The iPhone may be a game-changing tool in the film industry, but it still needs a supporting cast that includes software and accessories.

Sandmarc believes its new anamorphic lens can play a starring role in your next masterpiece.

Cinematic iPhone XR video shows intimate side of NYC


Andy To iPhone XR
Andy To loves New York City and here's the proof.
Screenshot: Andy To/YouTube

Andy To is a rising creative with a poetic touch to video and quickly becoming a name to know.

His name is now on the mind of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who gave the young filmmaker a shoutout on Twitter for a short on life in New York City captured all on the iPhone XR.

Pocket iPhone dolly lets you capture cinematic shots


The MUWI dolly adds a steadying motion to your iPhone videos.
Photo: MUWI

Few if any dollies – the wheeled rigging filmmakers use to capture smooth horizontal camera shots – fit in a back pocket. A cute little cart called MUWI does and is ready to roll on the set of your next iPhone flick.

Four rotary legs with tiny wheels fold out from its oval-shaped dolly base and a retractable holder unfurls from the top to cradle your iPhone. It can also hold other small cameras, including GoPros, point-and-shooters and some of the lighter DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Simple tool brings cinematic polish to iPhone video


iPhone video
A motorized camera slider by InMotion brings iPhone video closer to a cinematic level.
Photo: InMotion

Great smartphone video is all about capturing movement. But the majority of smartphone videos aren’t so great, especially when the recorded movement is from the shaky hands of the filmmaker.

The startup company InMotion has come up with a motorized slider to give your iPhone, GoPro or mirrorless camera videos smooth, fluid captures of moving subjects.

Hollywood’s fave iPhone app supports Apple’s go-to video format


iPhone filmmakers get HEVC support in Filmic Pro update.
iPhone filmmakers get HEVC support in Filmic Pro update.
Photo: Filmic

Filmic Pro, the gold standard iPhone app for filmmakers to achieve near-cinematic quality, released an update today to support the new HEVC format in iOS 11.

HEVC stands for High-Efficiency Video Coding (also called H.265), a compression standard that reduces the file size of videos while retaining much of the quality. This means users can store twice the number of videos on their iPhones or iPad Pros.

A growing number of filmmakers say, ‘Lights, iPhone, action!’


The set of Time to Pay Off Debts, a film short made with the iPhone 6s.
The set of Time to Pay Off Debts, a film short made with the iPhone 6s.
Photo: Conrad Mess

Cult of Mac 2.0 bugApple guaranteed the iPhone would reinvent the phone. But filmmaking?

Writer and director Conrad Mess said the iPhone’s red record button turned him into a filmmaker. It helped another cash-strapped director win praise and wide distribution for a feature film he shot on the iPhone 5s that was the buzz of last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

The iPhone also is reshaping video journalism, especially across Europe, where news organizations are using the iPhone video camera for an increasing number of stories — and live stand-ups, selfie stick in hand — because the mobile journalist can shoot, edit and share on one device.

Check Out The Original iPhone Film Festival Winners [Macworld 2012]


OIFF Founders at MacWorld. @Cultofmac.
OIFF Founders at MacWorld. @Cultofmac.

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / iWORLD 2012 — The inaugural edition of the Original iPhone Film Festival (OIFF) gave out awards to small-screen Steven Spielbergs.

OIFF founders Corey Rogers and Matt Dessner were on hand to talk about common iPhone filmmaking problems, like getting release forms and copyright snafus. (If you want to take your iPhone videos from crappy to snappy, check out our exclusive interview with some great tips from Dessner.)