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Ted Lasso star puts human face on privacy in new Apple video


Actor Nick Muhammed -- aka Nate on
Actor Nick Muhammed -- aka Nate on "Ted Lasso" -- makes learning about iPhone privacy features fun.
Photo: Apple

Marking Data Privacy Day on Tuesday, Apple introduced new educational resources meant to help users take better control of their data, including a whimsical short film starring one of Ted Lasso‘s popular cast members.

The video, a new Today at Apple Session and Cupertino’s added statements on its ongoing security efforts come amid ever-rising cyberattacks and about a month after the company released Advanced Data Protection.

Prep for your cybersecurity exams with this immersive training bundle


Prep for your cybersecurity exams with this immersive training bundle.
Score these certification guides and build up your cybersecurity skills.
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If you’ve been reading the tech news anytime in the past decade, you know that no one — not even Apple — is safe from cybercrime. But there’s a bright side to all this hacking, especially if you work in IT: The job market for cybersecurity experts is as robust as it’s ever been.

And if you’re not currently in that growing corner of the tech sector, it might be easier to train yourself than you think.

Get study guides for 4 cybersecurity certifications for less than $70


Get study guides for 4 cybersecurity certifications for under $70.
Become a certified cybersecurity expert for less than $70 online.
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Believe it or not, there’s an upside to the proliferation of cybercrime. The more unstable things get in the online world, the more secure the job market looks for certified cybersecurity experts. Not only is cybersecurity and risk management the most exciting branch of IT work, it’s increasingly the most vital area of any big company’s tech branch — especially if they deal in big data or finance.

Save hundreds of dollars on cybersecurity training with this top-rated membership


Save hundreds of dollars on cybersecurity training with this top-rated membership.
Become a cybersecurity expert in 2023 with this top-rated training, less than $55 today for life.
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As more and more organizations of every kind move online, one of the most valuable and in-demand skills you can have is cybersecurity expertise. A great way to learn the latest is with the Infosec4TC Platinum Membership for Cybersecurity Training.

And through January 9, you can grab lifetime access for just $54.99 — that’s a staggering $950 off the regular price of $999.

Become a cybersecurity expert with more than 400 hours of training


Become a cybersecurity expert with more than 400 hours of training.
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Threats to your online security can come from any direction these days. For that reason alone, there’s no such thing as “too broad” when it comes to the knowledge base of a cybersecurity expert. The more systems you’re proficient with, the more problems you can solve — and the more valuable you are to employers.

With that in mind, the Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer & IT Skills Bundle might be the most valuable job resource you can invest in this year.

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This $1475 cybersecurity bootcamp is on sale for less than $70 today.
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Cybersecurity skills are becoming more important, and demand for cybersecurity experts is expected to grow by more than 30% over the next 10 years. Whether you’d like to learn simply to better understand the latest Apple security news, or you’re hoping to level up your career, you can get started with some online training. This advanced cybersecurity education program is on sale for $69 — the best price you’ll find on the web for this mix of courses.

With five separate classes included in this bundle, that works out to less than $14 a course. It includes an enormous 149 hours of training on everything from government-level Risk Management Framework and NIST to prepping for essential exams like the CompTIA CASP+, an industry-standard qualification that proves your high-level practical ability in the field.

Learn to fight cybercrime with this top-rated boot camp for just $3 per course


Start an exciting new career as a cyber security pro with this top-rated bootcamp, $3 a course today.
Earn six figures as a cybersecurity developer with this top-rated course bundle.
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If you’re an IT professional looking for a resume boost, you may want to consider cybersecurity, especially given the number of high-profile data breaches that occur each year. The Complete 2023 Cyber Security Developer and IT Skills Bundle is a top-rated e-learning IT bootcamp that can prepare you for ethical hacking roles, and it’s on sale for $79 (regularly $7,774). With 26 courses included, that works out to around $3 per course. 

Browse the web like a ninja with AdGuard VPN


Tired of sacrificing speed for security or vice versa? Try Adguard VPN.
Tired of sacrificing speed for security or vice versa? Try AdGuard VPN.
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This post on virtual private networks is brought to you by AdGuard VPN.

When people think about choosing a virtual private network to help ensure their online work and play is as safe as possible, they often consider speed, security and price — as they should. But there’s much more to the story.

A service like AdGuard VPN offers not only speed, security and affordability, but many other assets. For one, it’s not a cookie-cutter VPN. AdGuard developed its own unique VPN protocol with distinct advantages.

Learn more about some of AdGuard VPN’s best features and benefits below.

Protect your data for life with this decentralized virtual network


Conceal your data from prying eyes with a VPN that could be with you for life.
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Your personal online data may not be as secure as you’d like it to be. If you’re browsing on public Wi-Fi or even at home, your data may be tracked, sold and used by advertisers, your ISP or malicious snoops.

Luckily, you can help conceal your activity online with a single piece of hardware. The Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN protects your devices and data from intrusion, and it’s only $248.

Build your cybersecurity skills for $69 with lifetime access to Infosec4TC


Get lifetime access to advanced cybersecurity with Infosec4TC.
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While Apple is giving individual users more tools to handle security threats with each upgrade, greater cybersecurity measures are needed to protect businesses and government organizations as a whole.

If you’re interested in bringing the fight to the hackers, you can do it with lifetime access to an Infosec4TC Platinum Membership for $69 (regularly $999).