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Get 30% off MagSafe Power Bank and 4-in-1 MagPower stand


The 5,000mAh power bank can be used in the stand or separately.
The 5,000mAh power bank can be used in the stand or separately.
Photo: SwitchEasy

In the ever-growing world of MagSafe-compatible chargers and stands, the SwitchEasy Portal 2-in-1 MagSafe Power Bank with Charging Stand could be an instant classic. The power bank pops right out of the sleek stand for mobile use with your iPhone, or you can stick it back on the stand to charge your handset with or without a cable.

And the SwitchEasy 4-in-1 MagPower is another highly capable gadget, letting you charge four devices at once.

Best of all, right now Cult of Mac readers can take 30% off the two chargers.

Power up with a pair of Polaroid wireless charging stands


Power up with the Polaroid wireless charging stand 2-Pack.
Get two iPhone-compatible wireless charging stands for just $19.99.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

With a wireless charging stand, you can juice up your iPhone while simultaneously using it as a second screen. That makes a wireless charger the ultimate multitasking accessory. And you can score two Qi-compatible charging stands from Polaroid now for one low price — $19.99.

Save big on a stylish Momax charging stand for iPhone and AirPods


It's a good-looking charging stand.
Not all charging stands are created equal. For instance, this one looks good.
Photo: Momax

What’s better than plugging in one device at a time for charging with a wall adapter? Why, charging two devices at the same time without having to plug them in at all, of course. You can do that with the handsome Momax 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand.

And right now, Cult of Mac readers can get a big discount of 20% off the stand, on top of another 15% off coupon, greatly reducing the regular price. That’s a great deal on a holiday gift or a present for yourself. See details below.

Buy a stylish VogDUO leather wireless magnetic charger, get a free power bank


VogDUO's leather-wrapped wireless chargers can add luxury to your everyday carry.
VogDUO's leather-wrapped wireless chargers can add luxury to your everyday carry.
Photo: VogDUO

This post on Apple accessories is brought to you by VogDUO.

VogDUO makes stylish but practical accessories for Apple gear. They include a leather-clad, 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger that can power up your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time, while adding a bit of luxury to your home or workplace.

And for a short time, if you buy one of those, you’re not just adding a touch of class to your space. With your purchase, you can get a powerful 10,000mAh USB-C Power Go Power Bank for free.

Get 10% off Momax transparent magnetic wireless iPhone 14 chargers


Each Momax charging stand and power bank has a cool cyberpunk industrial design.
These magnetic chargers and power banks feature a unique industrial design.
Photo: Momax

This magnetic wireless chargers post is presented by Momax.

Need a powerful and effortlessly cool-looking magnetic wireless charger for your iPhone 14, 13 or 12? Momax offers a line of four transparent chargers for home and car that not only feature a powerful magnetic grip, but a rather eye-catching cyberpunk-industrial design as well.

The lineup includes something for almost everyone — a choice of battery packs with USB-C or Lightning inputs, a charging pad and a car charger.

And better yet, Cult of Mac readers can get 10% off the chargers with a special coupon code.

Win a 4-in-1 MagSafe charging stand with built-in nightlight [Cult of Mac giveaways]


SwitchEasy MagPower 4-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand: It's the perfect addition for your bedside table or desk.
It's the perfect addition for your bedside table or desk.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

This week’s giveaway is a sturdy, MagSafe-compatible, multi-device wireless charger that includes a convenient nightlight. The SwitchEasy MagPower 4-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand has everything you need to charge your iPhone (series 12 and upward), AirPods (wireless charging case), Apple Watch and one USB device simultaneously.

But what makes this charging stand different is the clever addition of a built-in nightlight. With a simple tap of the base, it lights up (with three brightness settings). It gives you enough light to find your devices, but with no glare in your eyes, because the light is directed away from the stand on the chrome arm.

15 amazing Apple Watch accessories at insanely low prices


Apple Watch accessories at low prices
Each will cost you $40 or less.
Photo: Elago, Laut, Elkson, SwitchEasy

Bored of looking at the same old Apple Watch on your wrist? Give yours a makeover by adding a brand-new band or bumper case. There are a wide range of awesome Apple Watch accessories available at surprisingly affordable prices.

We’ve rounded up some of the best that are currently priced at $40 or less to help you out. Check out all 15 right here!

Choetech is giving away MagSafe charging stands and a 40% discount code [Cult of Mac Giveaway]


Giveaway: This MagSafe wireless charging stand, charges an iPhone 12 and AirPods at the same time.
This MagSafe-compatible stand charges an iPhone and AirPods simultaneously.
Photo: Choetech

Choetech is giving away three MagSafe wireless 2 in 1 charging stands. These minimalist magnetic chargers are perfect for anybody who pairs a MagSafe-compatible iPhone with wirelessly charging AirPods.

In addition to those three lucky winners, all Cult of Mac readers can get a 40% discount code for one of these sweet charging stands. That brings the price down from $52.99 to just $31.80, shipping included.

You can enter the giveaway below. But if you aren’t feeling lucky, or just like a really good deal, you can purchase a MagSafe wireless 2 in 1 charging stand from Choetech and use Cult of Mac’s special discount code: COMAC575. The charging stand makes a great gift. And with that 40% discount, you can afford to gift a few.

3-in-1 aluminum stand charges iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods


desk stand
Declutter your desk or nightstand with a multipurpose charger for all your Apple devices.
Photo: Trio

There are plenty of things to love about having different devices for different needs. Your iPhone keeps you connected. Your Apple Watch helps you achieve your fitness goals. And your AirPods keep you focused while you work.

The problem with having so many devices is that it means just as many cables or charging pads to keep them fully juiced. If you want to avoid the mess of cable clutter on your desk or nightstand, but still have all your favorite devices conveniently nearby, try this inexpensive Trio 3-in-1 Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand.

Multitip cords, power hubs and more of the very best home charging solutions [Deals]


Home Charging Solution Main (1)
From multi-cords to mushroom hubs, we've rounded up some of the very best charging solutions.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Staying charged is essential to staying connected, so we rounded up some of our favorite charging solutions. From multitip power cords to wireless charging stands, these handy accessories will keep your gear topped up in style.

Apple Watch in-car charging stand a must-have for road warriors


For topping up Apple Watch on the road, nothing beats the W Stand.
Photo: Elago

This innovative Apple Watch stand looks incredible with its cylindrical aluminum shell, but it wasn’t designed that way for looks alone. Its size and shape means you can slip it into your car’s built-in cup holder and top up your Apple Watch while on the road.

It’s a must-have for road warriors who are forever behind the wheel — and its price tag is a pleasant surprise.

Incredibly cool Apple Watch, AirPods accessories are a steal


Save 15% on awesome retro charging stands from Elago.
Photo: Elago

Brilliant and inexpensive charging stands that make your Apple Watch look like an iconic iMac or retro Game Boy are just some of the awesome accessories made by Elago.

The San Diego company also offers Watch bands that let you carry your AirPods on your wrist, ear hooks that prevent them falling out of your ears, and silicone cases that keep them protected.

And they’re all available now from the Cult of Mac Watch Store for less than $20 each! Check out Elago’s terrific range today.

Best charging docks for iPhone and iPad


When it comes to charging docks, not all are created equal. Here are my favorite two and why I like them better than everything else out there.
When it comes to charging docks, not all are created equal. Here are my favorite two and why I like them better than everything else out there.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

app-factor-logo-thumbnailIf there’s a single iPhone and iPad accessory I consider myself to be the most picky about, it would be charging docks and stands. While there isn’t a shortage of options, let’s be honest, most of them aren’t that great. They either don’t dock securely or they’re obsolete when a new iPhone or iPad form factor comes out.

That’s why I’ve narrowed down my vote for best iPhone and iPad charging docks to only two candidates. Yep, just two. Here’s what they are and why I think they’re better than most:

These Apple Watch docks were made for Nightstand mode


Night Stand for Apple Watch
Take that, Apple.
Photo: ElevationLab

Apple Watch stand makers are responding to watchOS 2’s Nightstand mode feature, which will turn your wearable into a makeshift alarm clock and display the time in landscape mode when it’s charging on its side. New Apple Watch docks are starting to appear to accommodate this feature ahead of the software update coming this fall.