Facebook boxes out Apple on AR displays


Plessy has been at the forefront of micro LED display development.
Photo: Plessy

Apple’s long-rumored augmented reality glasses project may have suffered a serious setback thanks to Facebook.

The social network company reportedly reached a licensing deal with Plessey, a British firm that makes displays specifically for augmented reality displays. Apple supposedly was looking into acquiring Plessey. But Facebook rushed in and struck an exclusive supply deal with the company, effectively shutting out Cupertino.

Missile Command: Recharged is a blast from the past [Review]


Missile Command: Recharged reminds up we used to think this was going to happen any day.
Missile Command: Recharged updates a fast-paced 1980s classic.
Photo: Atari

Emerging from the dark and noisy arcades of the 1980s is a updated version of a classic. Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged for iPhone and iPad is nearly identical to the original with only a few tweaks for a new generation.

And to double down on the nostalgia, an augmented reality mode projects your gameplay onto a virtual arcade cabinet.

Apple’s ARKit 3.5 offers augmented reality enhanced wih LiDAR 3D mapping


ARKit 3.5 offers improved people occlusion with its LiDAR 3D scanner.
ARKit 3.5 does a better of job of mixing people and virtual objects in augmented reality apps.
Photo: Apple

ARKit 3.5, the new version of Apple’s augmented reality software, can capture a 3D representation of the world in real time. This feature employs the LiDAR scanner that’s already in the 2020 Pad Pro and expected in some of this autumn’s iPhone models.

And the version of ARKit that debuted yesterday in iOS 13.4 is better at allowing virtual objects to pass in front of and behind people in the scene.

iOS 14 leaks hint at new notification triggers, AR mode for Find My


Find My Friends
Find My could be better than ever in iOS 14.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Fresh iOS 14 leaks that surfaced on Monday reveal Apple’s plans to bring new notification triggers and an augmented reality mode to the Find My app.

The improvements could give users the ability to get an alert when a contact doesn’t arrive at a specific location by a certain time. They could also make it easier to track down lost Macs and iOS devices.

Everything we think we know about iOS 14 [Updated]


Even old iPhones will get iOS 14's new features.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Thanks to unprecedented early leaks, some of the biggest new features planned for iOS 14 have already been spoiled. Apple is supposedly making some huge changes to the Home screen, iMessages, HomeKit, Apple Pencil and much more in its next-gen mobile operating system.

The recent wave of leaks proved so overwhelming that we rounded them all up in one place. We will keep updating the list as we inch closer to this summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple traditionally previews all of its upcoming platform updates.

See what the 2020 iPad Pro looks like on your desk with the magic of AR


The 2020 iPad Pro looks good anywhere.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The first 2020 iPad Pro orders will start reaching customers next Wednesday, March 25. You don’t need to wait that long to see what it will look like on your desk, complete with amazing Magic Keyboard, however.

Using the power of augmented reality, Apple can put a virtual iPad Pro anywhere in your home. But be warned: If you didn’t already want a 2020 iPad Pro, you will after you see one right in front of you.

LiDAR scanner makes 2020 iPad Pro an augmented reality powerhouse


Look inside the LiDAR scanner in the 2020 iPad Pro
The innovative LiDAR scanner in the 2020 iPad Pro is fast and accurate.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The 2020 iPad Pro is the first Apple computer with LiDAR. This innovation enables the tablet to make an accurate 3D map of its location. Combine it with software improvements and this tablet is, in Apple’s words, “the world’s best device for augmented reality.”

And the LiDAR scanner might be usable for other purposes, as well.

iOS 14 might include built-in augmented reality viewing app


Adobe Aero on an iPad Pro
Every iOS 14 iPad and iPhone could come with an augmented reality viewer.
Photo: Adobe

An augmented reality application could reportedly become one of the default apps in iOS14. This would allow any iPhone user to view their location with AR at any time.

This is apparently part of Apple’s embrace of augmented reality this year, with the company reportedly building 3D scanners into the next-generation iPhone and iPad.

Apple AR headset concept improves detection of movement and positioning


Taeyeon Kim
There’s little room on an AR headset for controls. Apple wants to make them virtual.
Photo: Taeyeon Kim

Interacting with an AR headset would be a breeze if it could project virtual controls into the real world. Apple developed a new method for using cameras to accurately track finger movements, enabling someone to toggle these augmented reality switches and buttons.

You’ll be shopping in AR soon, thanks to Apple


Apple AR Quick Look is augmented reality shopping
Apple’s AR Quick Look lets you see how this unique speaker, and other products, would look in your home.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Retailers that advertise with Apple’s AR Quick Look now have the option to add a “buy now” button directly in the augmented reality experience. Before this, shoppers could only look at items superimposed onto the real world.

This is just the latest part of Apple’s growing embrace of augmented reality.