iOS 11 brings VR mode to Apple Maps using ARKit


flyover mode in Apple Maps
Flyover is getting a major upgrade in iOS 11.
Photo: Apple

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a Godzilla-sized monster traipsing around the skyscrapers of New York City? Well, with iOS 11 now you can.

Apple has subtly added a cool new virtual reality mode in Apple Maps with the release of iOS 11 that lets users explore 3D models of some of the world’s most popular cities. The new feature is powered by Apple’s new ARKit, allowing you to walk around your house and tilt your phone camera around to visit different parts of the city.

Watch the crazy new feature in action:

Apple acquires German company that may hold key to AR future


SensoMotoric Instruments
SensoMotoric Instruments eye-tracking glasses.
Photo: SensoMotoric Instruments

Apple may have just made a key acquisition that could help the company create a truly revolutionary augmented reality headset. According to a new report, German eye-tracking company SensoMotoric Instruments has been purchased by an Apple shell company, giving the iPhone-maker access the company’s trove of patents related to eye-tracking glasses and other systems.

AR demos show how iPhone can be transformed into a working tape measure


AR Measure
Flashy? No. Useful? You bet!
Photo: AR Measure

Not convinced about how augmented reality has the opportunity to improve our apps? Then check out a couple of neat demos of Apple’s ARKit, the AR toolkit Apple showed off at WWDC to allow “fast and stable motion tracking” for augmented reality apps.

Between them, they depict how you’ll soon be able to use your iPhone as a tape measure by pointing your device at an object or scene, tapping two points on it, and then accurately measuring the distance between them.

Check them out below.

Apple and Ikea’s AR collab lets you test furniture before buying


Apple and Ikea are collaborating on artificial intelligence.
Tim Cook has previously said that AR tech makes him "scream" with excitement.
Photo: Ikea

Ikea has revealed a few new details about its augmented reality collaboration with Apple that lets customers test out virtual pieces of furniture in their homes before they buy them.

Tim Cook recently discussed the app briefly in an interview in which he said that, We’ve talked to Ikea, and they have 3D images of their furniture line. You’re talking about changing the whole experience of how you shop for, in this case, furniture and other objects that you can place around the home.”

Devs’ incredible demos show how cool (and easy) AR on iPhone can be


Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 15.29.49
ARKit opens up some exciting possibilities for developers.
Photo: 8ninths

Developers couldn’t be more excited about ARKit, the toolkit Apple showed off last week at WWDC to allow “fast and stable motion tracking” for augmented reality apps.

While Apple showed off a basic implementation of ARKit onstage, developers already have started putting together some pretty impressive demos using the technology. Check a couple of them out below.

iPhone 8 comes to life with iOS 11’s new ARKit


ARKit will be a game-changer for iPhone rumormongers.
ARKit will be a game-changer for iPhone rumormongers.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

Apple’s new ARKit tech could completely change the way we view the world, including when it comes to iPhone rumors.

Using the newly release ARKit framework Apple debuted at WWDC 2017, the folks at ConceptsiPhone have created a new video that brings the iPhone 8 into the real-world. What’s most impressive is ARKit’s ability to track the iPhone 8 concept, making it look like someone got heir hands on an early unit.

Check it out:

Is Apple back to its best following WWDC 2017? [Friday Night Fights]


Are you pleased with what you saw at WWDC 2017?
Are you pleased with what you saw at WWDC 2017?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

This year’s WWDC keynote was an early Christmas for Apple fans. It delivered the big updates to iOS, macOS, and watchOS we were eagerly anticipating; a 10.5-inch iPad Pro; updated Macs with Intel Kaby Lake processors, plus nice surprises like the iMac Pro and HomePod.

Friday Night Fights bugBut is this Apple back at its best, or do we need more out of Cupertino? Are fancy software updates enough to breathe new life into boring hardware? Is Apple’s new push into virtual reality and machine learning too little, too late?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we battle it out over a bumper WWDC!

iPhone 8 concept shows how fantastic Function Bar could be


The Function Bar would be a game changer.
The Function Bar would be a game changer.
Photo: iDropNews/Benjamin Geskin

Getting rid of the home button could be one of the greatest things Apple could do for the iPhone 8.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple plans to embed Touch ID into the screen in order to ditch the home button. A fantastic new concept imagines how Apple could use that extra screen real estate to make navigating the iOS faster than ever.

Apple expands Mac Pro trademark to include augmented reality tech


The Magic Toolbar could be a baby step toward augmented reality.
Could augmented reality tech arrive on a future Mac Pro?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple updated its Mac Pro trademark to include “augmented reality displays, goggles, controllers, headsets, and 3D spectacles,” alongside a range of other categories.

The additions come shortly after Apple acknowledged that its current Mac Pro doesn’t fulfill all the needs of its pro customers, promising that a new model with a modular design is currently in the works.

With some very interesting features, if this trademark update is to be believed!