How to see the AR easter egg hidden in Apple’s Sept. 15 event invite


Augmented reality could play a part in the September Apple Event
The logo for the September Apple Event is more than just a simple graphic. It’s an AR object.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Hidden in Tuesday’s invite to the September Apple event is a clue that might confirm rumors that the company will make a major push into augmented reality.

The graphic for the invite is an apple sketched out with blue swirls. iPhone and iPad users can put that design in motion, with it seemingly appearing in the real world.

Get the most from your iPhone’s augmented reality features [Deals]


These AR goggles make the most of immersive games, interactive learning and 360-degree movies.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The power of the new iPhones to produce augmented reality experiences is really amazing. Thanks to powerful graphics processing and cameras, it’s possible to overlay convincing 3D images over the real world.

Unfortunately, the only way to get that AR experience is typically through the phone screen — but not so with this headset and accessories.

Adobe Aero augmented reality creation tool goes multisensory with spatial audio


An AR experience created by Naima Almeida with Adobe Aero.
Designer Naima Almeida used Adobe Aero to design an imaginary interactive garden with integrated spatial sound effects.
Screenshot: Naima Almeida

Artists can use an iPad or iPhone to create augmented reality experiences with Adobe Aero. And today the software added support for embedding audio into AR experiences. It’s now possible to add sound effects to virtual objects overlaid on the real world by this app.

Aero is free, and is intended for creatives not coders.

Apple Glass really might be coming in 2021


Apple glasses AR
These concept Apple AR glasses could become a reality as soon as 2021.
Photo: Martin Hajek

A prominent Apple analyst recently predicted that Apple’s rumored AR glasses won’t debut until 2022. But since then, other noted leakers have said these augmented-reality Apple Glasses will be out next year.

Take a peek at Gobi, the shopping-oriented AR app coming in iOS 14


LEGO AR Studio
Augmented reality is already being used to sell products, and Apple is supposedly embracing that with Gobi in iOS 14.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

More details of the augmented-reality application supposedly coming in iOS 14 leaked out Monday. This goes under the code-name Gobi, and what’s come to light shows an emphasis on businesses and products, rather than games.

In addition, this leak reveals additional details on how the next iOS version will use AR to help users find lost items.

Jaw-dropping AR demo shows off the future of copy and paste


Not excited about augmented reality? You will be!
Not excited about augmented reality? You will be!
Photo: Cyril Diagne

An amazing new augmented reality demo shows how the future of cut, copy and paste might work.

Created by Cyril Diagne, a 34-year-old artist, designer and programmer currently in residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab in Paris, the demo shows images of objects being dragged from the real world and dropped into Photoshop on a Mac. That’s an AR application that any designer could get on board with!

Israeli president uses AR to visit nation during lockdown


Israeli president AR 1
When's the last time a politician visited your home?
Photo: 8th Wall

With coronavirus lockdown stopping a large number of public gatherings, Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, took a high-tech approach to addressing the nation on Israel’s Independence Day Tuesday: he used augmented reality.

With the aid of augmented reality and volumetric video, Rivlin found a way to visit every home in the country. Now that’s one form of democracy that the AR-loving Apple could surely get on board with!

Amazing Apple Card concept shows the power of augmented reality


Concept shows the potential of Apple augmented reality.
Augmented reality could make an Apple Card even more user friendly.
Photo: Volodymyr Kurbatov

A concept artist created an answer for anyone dubious about the usefulness of augmented reality. His video demonstrates how AR could give an Apple Card user their balance and recent transactions with only a glance.

Watch the full concept video now: