Good News, Kindle Users! Apple Changes Controversial In-App Subscriptions Guidelines


  • Hampus

    Of course, if the subscription is more expensive in the app (specially if it’s enough to offset Apples 30% cut) or if an in-app subscription isnt even available the app will end up getting a lot of negative reviews.

  • Doug Bursnall

    That’s good. if apple processes you pay, if not you don’t. may lead to cheaper prices as direct subs can offset in app subs.
    Hope the change is not too late.

  • cheesy11

    i gave up on reading a while ago

  • aardman

    Probably a good idea.  Apple needs to remember how they make their money:  By selling devices or selling content?

  • CharliK

    That’s the way the rule always was. The only change is that now Apple isn’t forcing any pricing rules. If you really want to charge more in the app go for it. 

    The thing is, this really wasn’t as controversial as the blogs want to make it. Perhaps 5 major apps called foul but places like Amazon, Netflix etc were silent as were most little guys. 

    And there’s no proof that anyone else was going to pull out or that they will charge different amounts now that they can (but it fits their egos that they have the right if they want to use it). Making almost every article about this, and the comments on them, much ado about perhaps nothing. 

  • quietstorms

    I may be the only one who doesn’t like this change. I don’t plan to buy any subscriptions outside of the App Store so that publishers can sell my data to advertisers and I’m also not paying a higher price for the version purchased through iTunes. I’m guessing a lot of people won’t as well.

    To the publishers: 

    I’ll be quite happy in getting my news from your site for free or from content aggregators (again for free) if you fit the fit in with the statement above. 

  • OrignalAppleBasher

    It’s very rare for Apple to take a step backwards, but I hope they have realized that their money greed isn’t always good for the other parties involved. 

    When will Apple put their ecosystem before their profits?