Check Out The Incredible Apps That Won Apple Design Awards At WWDC 2011 [Gallery]



Want to check out what qualifies as the creme de la creme of app design in Steve Jobs’ eyes? We’ve got screenshots of every app that won an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2011 last night.

Pennant — by Vargatron

Grades 2 — by Tapity

Pulse News For iPhone — by Alphonso Labs

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  • Gustavo Santana

    whats the name for the first mac game ? looks nice. It says capo but thats the guitar app =o

  • Wes

    Anomaly Warzone Earth….I thought the same thing and found the right title. Looks awesome!

  • Hampus

    Pretty good game, both on steam and appstore.
    It should be comming to iOS pretty soon too.

  • Hampus

    Why are pages 5-7 identical to pages 2-4.
    Good job generating pageviews ^^

  • cheesy11

    not my personal top 5

  • mrplowinc

    OSMOS link is to the Mac App Store, when it’s the iPad version that won……

  • JW.

    How about a ‘view all’ option? Hey? How about it? 

  • Chris

    you’ve linked capo twice