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Links To All of Apple’s Betas From Today’s Keynote



While WWDC is currently going on, a leaked Pastebin document is floating around the web. What’s in it? A lot of goodies. iOS 5 betas, iTunes 10.5 betas, and a whole lot more. A paid developer account is needed, but they’ll all be sure to be posted on public file sharing sites by the end of the day. While I’m currently logged in to my paid developer account, I still don’t have access to them, so they’ll most likely be live after the keynote.

Check out everything that Apple will be putting out after the break.

Here you go!

iOS 5 Beta For Apple TV

iOS 5 Beta For iPhone 3GS

iOS 5 Beta For iPhone 4

iOS 5 Beta For iPhone 4 CDMA

iOS 5 Beta For iPod Touch 3Gen

iOS 5 Beta For iPod Touch 4Gen

iOS 5 Beta For iPad

iOS 5 Beta For iPad 2 WIFI

iOS 5 Beta For iPad 2 GSM

iOS 5 Beta For iPad 2 CDMA

Xcode 4.2 and iOS SDK 5 Developer Preview

iTunes 10.5 Beta

Safari 5.1

iPhoto 9.2


Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 4

Once again, the above links won’t go live until after the keynote. You’ll also need a paid developer account. All of the betas will probably be uploaded to file sharing sites rather quickly, so don’t worry (if you just want to try these things for yourself).

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