This Is iCloud’s New Logo in HD



Interested in getting a closer look at Apple’s new iCloud logo, as spied behind the closed doors at the Moscone Center in preparation for Monday’s WWDC kick-off?. Check out this version of the logo mocked up by letemsvetemapplem.

Honestly, the grain of the brushed steel might be a little bit off, but this looks almost identical to what we’re seeing in the banners. So this is probably as close as you can possibly get to the official icon without actually ripping it from iOS.

The question is, do you like it? I can’t say I do, but then again, I’ve always hated Apple’s fascination with brushed steel. What do you think?

  • EasyOSX

    I don’t think the brushed steel looks that bad, though this is an exception.

  • Mel Marcelo

    It’s the same logo I can see at (top left corner in any web browser). Has it always been at

  • Dave

    Love it!

  • Morialkar

    I don’t seem to be able to see what you mean, could you provide a screenshot?

  • Travis

    So this is what it would look like on the bottom of cookware?  The iPan if will…

  • joep1101

    Brush steel or the spinning hard drive of a server?

  • J76

    Meh, it’s ok, neither great nor terrible.

    More important to me is principle of the “iCloud” in operation… It’s a great idea, being able to get your files anytime, anywhere – but (and it’s a big but) what about all the potential downsides?

    You don’t own your files physically, you merely “rent” them (at least in terms of rented storage) from a company to whom you have to pay a subscription – therefore being able to hold you to ransom.

    Is your content still entirely private? People used to be turned in to the authorities by photo processing companies for having marijuana plants in the background of a photo – just who will be able to access your files? I know everything nowadays is able to be rounded by being “anti-terrorism” so what’s to stop your files being made available to government agencies or even members of the local councils etc? (who could bear personal grievances with you)

    What if you have no internet connection or 3G+ signal while on holiday etc? Will storage in new devices still be large/accessible enough to take many files with you? What about hackers? Even large operations like Sony have been brought to their knees by them – iCloud would make Apple an ideal target in the future – they’re going to have to make sure it’s bomb-proof to succeed.

    I think techy types will jump at it but the general public may well take a lot more convincing – that said the same thing was said about the iPad and look at the tablet market now…

  • prof_peabody

    The title says “This is Cloud’s new logo,” but the article says it’s a “mockup.”  It can’t be both.  

    Not everyone has perfect grammar, but if you can’t use the word “is” correctly, you might as well give up on writing altogether.  

  • mome_04

    I think iCloud is gonna be great! the icon is not important… But i liked!

  • prof_peabody

    Not the same.  The current MobileMe icon in the top left corner is neither square, nor silver, but is instead a blue rectangle. Rectangles are different from squares, and blue is not the same colour as silver.  

  • Maxx Cobb

    Same logo as on, but with different colours… I think most apple fans saw this as their logo coming a mile off.

  • facebook-505899793

    Agree with Prof. Peabody … This is a mockup, and not the”new logo.” To me, the photos from outside of the event center show that there are faded clouds in the “background” at the top of the logo. 

  • CharliK

    Yep. Souped up version of Mobile Me gets a souped up version of the Mobile Me icon. 

    I suspect that the brushed steel is just for the banners but the colors will likely stick. It’s more high tech and less cartoony looking compared to the old icon. I actually rather like it. I’m actually hoping that iCloud is less about particular apps and more a combo of that and “iCloud powered” 3rd party apps that can access the Cloud stuff (even if that comes a little latter). 

    And I really hope that they make a way to link your iCloud/MobileMe to your apple id. my itunes in on a pre MM id and I can’t change the log in to my because it was auto registered as an Apple id and you can’t change an apple id for an apple id. But I would like everything together regardless of how I log in. 

  • cheesy11

    pretty simple logo, i could make it at home

  • doug A

    Maybe a slopped-out amateurish replica. I doubt the brushed metal extends out on the border itself, if it does…shame on designer.

  • Timothy Williamson

    Well that all depends on what the definition of “is” is.

  • dale2000

    I is in disagreement.

  • Howie Isaacks

    I like the logo, but it would be nice if the “mockup” was a PNG with a transparent background, so that we could actually use this logo as an icon.

  • rockinrors

    They’ve actually seen the real new logo (it can be seen on banners at WWDC and is linked to in the above), but only from a distance, and with crappy cell phone photos.
    This is what someone who has seen the design has made on their computer.
    Almost identical.
    Its like if someone asked you what the nike logo was, you wouldn’t go hunting the internet for it, you’d just draw them a tick.

  • Simon

    Reminds me of the iSync logo