Apple Takes Over Its $4.5m iCloud Purchase


Image courtesy of iPhoneFAQ
Image courtesy of iPhoneFAQ

With just 4 days to go until this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the unveiling of Apple’s new iCloud service, the company decided now would be a good time to take control of its $4.5 million purchase for the domain.

The domain now officially belongs to Apple after transferring from its previous owner Xcerion – a Swedish company who previously ran cloud-based services under the iCloud name. It was revealed that Apple purchased the domain back in April, but until yesterday the whois domain registration still listed Xcerion as the owner.


Visitors to are still redirected to Xcerion’s service, however, which has now been rebranded to CloudMe. It is believed the domain won’t point to Apple’s new service until just before its launch.

Apple confirmed iCloud speculation in a press release earlier this week in which it mentioned its “upcoming cloud services” under the iCloud name. In addition to, the Cupertino company also owns

Anyone else wishing they were the first to register

[via MacRumors]

  • Jaap Steensma

    I did own the domain name but then I sold it to Xcerion…. Bad move I guess?!

  • Táyò Salako

    yes very bad

  • Yasaswy Nagavolu

    Yeah I sold in the same way.. too bad.. Just kidding..

  • Felface

    Why does it say record created in 2007?

  • Vik

    I am gonna start buying domain names starting with “i” and wait for apple to buy it. :D