Predator Vision Reveals That 5th Ave Apple Store Is The Best Place To Hunt In Manhattan



If you had to write a list of New York City’s most popular attractions for camera-toting tourists, would the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue be on it?

I’m guessing not. But according to researcher Eric Fischer, it’s up there with Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle as the one of the popular sights in Manhattan for photographers. Fischer has used the millions of photographs uploaded to Flickr from New York City and used their geo-location data to pinpoint on a map where each one was taken.

He then created a Predator-like heat vision map (above) that illustrates the most popular attractions for photographers. The red areas are obviously the hottest locations, with the Fifth Avenue Apple Store circled at number 1, Rockefeller Center at number 2, Columbus Circle at number 3, and Times Square at number 4.

Fischer also did the same analysis with photographs taken in several other cities, and though no other Apple store is as popular as the one of fifth avenue, many of the iconic stores attract photographers. To view Fischers entire collection of Predator vision maps, check out his Flickr collection.

[via ifoAppleStore]

  • itsme nyc

    Not to burst your bubble but the Plaza hotel is right across 5th Ave which also must be photographed a lot.

  • SavedByTechnology

    Not to mention the GM building right behind the Apple Store, as well as FAO Schwarz.  But, this is CofM we’re talking about, so we have to honor the cult factor.  That being said, perhaps Mr. Fischer has actually seen all the photos and is, in fact, correct.

  • cheesy11

    people dont turn up to the apple store, just to take pictures im guessing

  • Scott MoMo Waite ?

    I think that glass cube is a thing of beauty, I’m not surprised it’s photographed a lot