Belkin Conserve Valet May Not Save You Either Kind of Green [Review]



Like the brilliant Insight we reviewed a month or so ago, Belkin’s Conserve Valet comes form their new line of green-angled tools created with the idea of saving energy. Unlike the Insight, the Valet — a $40, four-port USB hub designed around the idea of smart organization and energy conservation — isn’t as well executed, and not nearly as effective.

The Valet is strongest as a tool to keep things tidy. It’s smattering of smart organizational features — cable slots, a central area underneath the deck to wrap cables around and the two supplied cables (one mini- and one micro-USB) with angled heads do a good enough job of reigning in cable chaos.

But the unit’s supposedly star feature — that it saves power by shutting itself off after it’s finished charging whatever peripherals are attached to it — turned out to be more of a hindrance than a boon: It’s a simple timer rather than smart-charging feature, and I kept having to punch the central button that turns the unit on after removing a device to use (like, say, a Bluetooth headset) and then reconnecting it to charge; only a little irritating, but enough to make me wish the function didn’t actually exist. Does it actually save much energy? Probably not; gadgets that I charge frequently enough to use with the Valet don’t spend much time sitting around anyway. Also, the inclined surface isn’t quite as anti-slip as we’s like.

Verdict: Steep price for what’s essentially a four-port USB hub with some organizational features and a somewhat irritating central feature.

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  • maham123

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  • Chuck

    I got one last month and have been fairly happy with it. While I agree that in general you aren’t going to be keeping your phones or other devices tethered terribly long, the 4 hour charge seems to be enough to top off everything from my 5 year old Blackberry to my Kindle or my iPod Touch. All plugged in before bedtime, one touch to the button, and it will shut itself off while I’m asleep. Maybe not a huge savings, but probably better than 3 devices with individual transformers running for twice as long (san timer).