Arnald Work Bag Cradles Your Macbook with a Modern Touch of Vintage Style [Review]


Arnald Work Bag

If you’re someone who has even the smallest regards towards fashion, then you’ve probably given some serious thought as to which bag to use for toting your precious MacBook around. What you wear says just as much about you as your MacBook does. If you’re looking for something that looks great for casual occasions but can also feel dressed up enough for business meetings, then you need to consider the Arnald Work Bag from The Property Of. We were lucky enough to receive a bags from the Amsterdam based company and here’s our take.

With the, the Arnald Work Bag ($329), The Property Of has successfully brought back some vintage euro fashion with the tender care it needs to stay relevant. Crafted using oiled denim or coated herringbone with heavy leather piping, the Arnald Work Bag is tough enough to take some beatings while still maintaining a classic look. The strong zippers ensure that your contents will stay safely tucked away. A padded interior pocket provides ample protection for 15 and 13 inch MacBooks. The design of the bag is clean and feels fresh. Borrowing elements of past style and converging them with the new, The Property Of stands out as one of best new bag craftsmen we’ve come across.

Using the Arnald Work Bag daily actually felt like a treat. The bag feels like something an old college professor might use. One who wears tweed jackets with shoulder patches and smokes pipe tobacco while still maintaining an affinity for new technology. Its upscale look fit in on my college campus without coming off as pompous and fancy. At first I was afraid of the big zippers on the bag, thinking that they would undoubtedly scratch up my MacBook every time I stored or released it from the bag. However, the design of the bag keeps the zippers at bay when opened, so after a few uses fright of scratches dissolved.

One of my favorite things about the bag is how it has everything you need, but doesn’t put in a bunch of stuff you don’t. With three main pockets (the largest of which is divided into three sections), three small pockets, and a few pencil slots, I was always able to quickly find everything that I needed in my bag without having to rummage through an infinite amount of pockets like I’ve been submitted to from other bag makers.

You can always tell when a designer has put a lot of thought and consideration into their product. Just like an Apple product, everything feels right with the Arnald bag. Even the small things, like the leather personal identification card, and the small leather pieces sown to the piping fit in perfectly with what a bag should and shouldn’t be. My only complaint to make is that the canvas shoulder strap felt a little too narrow and could use a wider adjustable leather pad to provide better weight distribution. Overall, the Arnald Work Bag is a delight and very quickly replaced other contenders as my main carrying bag as it brought with it a strong masculine style along with clean, thoughtful functionality.
[xrr rating=80%]

  • twitter-28439603

    $329??  FOR A BAG??!?!  That would buy over 6 TB of drives.

  • Anonymous

    Things our parents used to wear do not qualify as “vintage.”  I wonder what our obsession with our parents’ styles says about ourselves, not to mention our (in)ability to innovate.  :(

  • Robert Pruitt

    Very cool bag!  /chants “Give away!  Give away!”

  • ikera

    Still haven’t figured out why you’ve manipulated the images above. You have never shopped pictures of iPhones and iPads. Why did you shop images from a product that nearly nobody has seen its real colors?

  • [Deleted User]

    only “shopping” that was done was to boost the blues so that the photo reflected how it looks in real-life. Original photos of the bag were a bit darker


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  • David

    The bag is listed at $265 on for anyone that is interested….

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  • Brian Moore

    it has that Retro look.
    i miss my old jean jacket with the fake sleep skin liner…
    i’d like to c how it feels… (get ur mind out of the gutter)…
    I <3 Apple/Mac Porn

  • Sam Martinez

    I can’t find this bag anywhere! Anyone know where I can get it in denim or gray?