New HDHomeRun Streams Live TV to Your iPad


Ignore the Sony in the background; this tiny gadget is all Apple.


It may not be as pretty as an Apple product (but seriously — what is), and at $180, it’s almost double the price of the ATV. But Elgato’s HDHomeRun comes in swinging for the fences with a trick Apple’s little black coaster doesn’t have: the ability to stream live TV, in HD, to your Mac or iPad — even over a 3G connection.

Not only that, the little box’ll let you record and timeshift shows, courtesy of Elgato’s EyeTV 3 software, which comes free (normally $80) with the HDHomeRun. Of course, EyeTV is only available for OS X, so Windows owners won’t be able to use this setup to stream to an iPad.

  • besweeet

    For $10 more, you can get a Slingbox, which is much more practical than this thing.

  • Atroutt

     over the years, I’ve used and enjoyed all sorts of elgato products.  then comcast went and made me get these stinking DTA boxes.  try using one of those with any elgato tuning product and the whole sweet system comes down.

  • Fitz

    But then you have to pay $30 per iOS device to watch your sling media on that device…still waiting for something practical and not overpriced. 

  • Robert123176

     Not to mention you can’t change channels with eyeTV on Mac… Use orb live and you can stream your home TV anywhere and its cheap!

  • trrosen

    Slingbox is just useless box compared to the homerun. The Homerun has two tuners the Slingbox has none.With this device two people can watch two different live shows the slingbox only has one input which has to be connected to something else

  • MattSTKC

    I’d just like something cheaper than Slingbox that will let me control/watch DVR’d content. oh well. (keeps saving for slingbox) 

  • trrosen

    Um yes you can. and with your iPhone or iPad too 

  • trrosen

     $30 is outragous for something that only works with their hardware.

    Eye TV on the other hand is 4.99 for iOS and its universal so you only have to buy it once.

  • Harriman

     From Elgato’s Website:

    Important:This product supports ATSC broadcast and unencrypted digital cable (ClearQAM) signals. 

    If you have a cable or satellite system this means that if you’re lucky you’ll be able to tune your local broadcast stations.  Almost all other stations will be encrypted and not viewable to you with any Elgato tuner product.

  • twitter-28439603

    Note, I do not have a slingbox..  But I’d rather watch my already-TiVo-ed recordings than live TV (and suffer the commercials).

    (Though the slingbox that I’m interested in is the older one with a TON of inputs, and I think that doesn’t work with the iPhone app.)

  • twitter-28439603

     “If you’re lucky”?  You are legally required to have broadcast stations unencrypted on cable.

    (I’m not saying I disagree with your main point.)

  • Alex

    This appears to be the same hardware as the HDHomeRun HDHR3-US, but without the Elgato EyeTV software.