Camera & Flash to be Separated at Birth on iPhone 5



Components purported to be for the fifth-generation iPhone have sparked new rumors that the device’s camera and LED flash will be separated, and will no longer sit snuggled up to one another in the corner. Strengthening these rumors is a case discovered on trade site Alibaba for an ‘iPhone 5G’, which features a mysterious new hole in its rear.

These images were first published by Taiwanese site – a site which often gets its hands on Apple component and hardware leaks – and show redesigned components for both the front- and rear-facing cameras. While it’s difficult to establish any technical details at this point, the most obvious difference is that the new rear camera for the iPhone 5 has no LED flash attached.

It’s unlikely Apple will do away with the LED flash completely, so these components lead us to believe that the camera and flash will be separated on the fifth-generation iPhone – possibly to prevent light leakage from the flash into the camera. Backing up this speculation is a case discovered on Alibaba from Kulcase.

iPhone 5G case from Alibaba

Claiming to be an ‘iPhone 5G’ case, this snap-on rear casing features two holes at the top, in addition to an iPhone 5 mockup image that reveals a larger, ‘edge-to-edge’ display and a thinner bezel. While the two holes initially led to speculation that the device would feature two cameras for taking 3D images, it now seems that one is for the camera and the other for the LED flash.

This isn’t the first time case manufacturers have revealed product designs well in advance of their launch. You may remember that cases discovered last year revealed the iPad 2’s new size and design, as well as its rear camera and redesigned speaker. Some manufacturers clearly manage to get their mitts on design specifications for upcoming Apple products way before they’re supposed to. also offers a Photoshop mockup of how the iPhone 5 might look with a separate camera and flash:

iPhone 5 camera mockup

  • gragib

     What if they get rid of the flash and instead stick in 2 cameras for 3D?

    PS: I’m no fan of 3D multimedia unless it is a hologram.

  • Freddyq

     Why cant they just put both near the center?

  • Frumius

     One reason to separate camera and flash is to avoid redeye, which is caused when the angle of the flash-to subject’s retina-to-camera lens is such that the flash’s light bounces off of the retina and into the lens.  The retina reflects red.  This is one reason why you see pro photographers with their flashes mounted at some distance above or beside their camera.  It also gives better light than when the light is coming from virtually the same perspective as the lens.  Whether or not Apple were thinking of any this doesn’t matter; it’s going to help a little bit. Whether or not Apple were thinking of any this doesn’t matter; it’s going to help a little bit.

  • CharliK

     My sources tell me that the reason there is no flash on their parts is because there is not going to be a flash on the camera at all. Instead they are going to use a better sensor that works in lower light settings without needing a flash. 

  • Frumius

     How’s that “better sensor” going to work when the subject is strongly backlit?  Or when there just isn’t enough light?  That would be lame!

  • cheesy11

    if thats the iphone 5 i think apple should get some new designers