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73 responses to “Check Out Lion’s New Wallpapers [Including Actual Lion]”

  1. muhaidib says:

     So, looking at the fourth picture, does this mean that the next big OS from Apple will be elephant? That would be pretty huge haha

  2. lkahney says:

    @muhaidib:disqus well, they are running out of cat names… 

  3. Barelyabsolut says:

    He’s not a feline… so he’s out. Sorry Mac OS Elephant. 

  4. Gavin Ash says:

     Can these be shared at their full res?  I’d love to set them as my wall! :D

  5. Chris Slaughter says:

     Is there anywhere we can download the high res images of all of these?  

  6. Abc says:

     the link doesnt seem to be working….

  7. Jack Hickman says:

     Download link has been suspended.

  8. AlienSix88 says:

     I want to download these really bad

  9. Moniker says:

     Beautiful, do you guys still think Apple will be shipping Lion with Mount Fuji as the default wallpaper?

  10. tan chee siang says:

     The account have been suspended…

  11. Random says:

     Download link in native res
    download link
    Credit 9to5mac

  12. Random says:

     Ok so that didn’t work
    This is the first time I am posting here.

  13. Robert Mungo says:

    @muhaidib:disqus – He’s not actually an elephant, but a hybrid of a an elephant and a rhinoceros. That means that the next version of the OS will be OS X Elephino.

  14. Robert Mungo says:

    @muhaidib:disqus – He’s not actually an elephant, but a hybrid of a an elephant and a rhinoceros. That means that the next version of the OS will be OS X Elephino.

  15. GrimWit says:

    Thanks for posting this alternate download link!  Really beautiful.

  16. Orkut Scraps says:

    Very good wallpapers. :)

  17. Jmarchiando says:

     What’s with all the fog and clouds?  Seems like a dreary, dark and someone surreal atmosphere, which appears to be very Apple-unlike, IMHO.

    Anybody else see that as a bit overdone?

  18. Jmarchiando says:

    Somewhat not someone…need more coffee this AM!

  19. LoFiSamurai says:

    Don’t get me wrong, these photos are gorgeous, but they look like google image search results. Nothing unique or Apple about them.

  20. Nick J says:

     Looks slightly Windows ‘ish’ all thats missing is bliss hill

  21. JamesPeterson says:

     You can download them from here:

  22. JamesPeterson says:

    You can download them from here: 

  23. JamesPeterson says:

    You can download them from here:

  24. JamesPeterson says:

    You can download them from here: 

  25. Mike says:

    @lkahney:disqus, there are plenty of other cat names out there!  Cheetah, Cougar, Jaguar, Lynx, Ocelot, just to name a few.

  26. ivan_b says:

    Wow, amazing images. On Lion I wouldn’t have to worry about searching for new wallpapers for quite a while.

  27. rsfinn says:

    Cheetah was the code name for Mac OS X 10.0 (although not used as a marketing name), and of course Jaguar was the marketing name for 10.2.

    Cougar and Lynx have already been trademarked by Apple.  

  28. Dilbert A says:

    agreed, disappointed if these are all that ship.

    it’s not that a huge deal or anything, as there are plenty of desktop sites to download from, however there doesn’t seem to have been much effort put forth here.

    here’s hopping they’re limited because it’s a preview. 

  29. Davidoff says:

     The last one is awesome… but i prefer darker wallpapers

  30. Jack Hickman says:


  31. Arham Maher says:

     Agree aswell! 
    whats up with all the nature look! 

    i like the Loin wallpaper, but thats it.

    im i the only one who thinks this loin update is quit bizzar.. nothing like the last OS versions have been (expect for snow leopard thou) nothing truly stands out in lion

  32. Antony D says:

    What is it with people and wallpaper on their computers. I work part time fixing computers for a store and some of the images are just so bad. Flowers and trees etc on yours desktop you start to loose you icons. I like the blue set of the MAC. The one MAC one that really gets up my nose is that Horrid standard Purple thing with the stars or what ever in it. How can Apple let some so gross on their wonderful machines. Well that’s my gripe for tonight. Goodnight all

  33. Curious7 says:

     Actually some if not all of these pictures are taken from the screen saver in AppleTV.

  34. Rushir Parikh says:

     The link doesnt work for me…

  35. Ndgreenaway says:

     Im waiting to see a killer feature..but at the moment it feels like the ios update..tinkering and a bit of eye candy..its maybe testament how good leopard was (s.leopard was update to that not full new system i presume) that its given them the problem of how to better it….but we will wait and see..also i think the Windows 7 Wallpapers were far more unique id like to see something that will surprise me.

  36. pangeomedia says:

     Apple doesn’t call them ‘wallpaper.’ They’re desktop pictures. Long time Mac users know that. Switchers from Windows don’t.

  37. CalicoAvenger says:

    I am still holding out hope for Cat (ie Felis Domesticus)

  38. kelvin_chen28 says:

    yeah it was nice beauty of naturals……to see the wallpaper…..thank you….http://

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