Rumor: Apple Scheduling Retail Employee Meetings On May 28th Ahead of Lion and iCloud Debut



Cult of Mac has learned Apple could be scheduling secret employee meetings with retail staff on May 28th between 8 and 10am. Is this just pre-WWDC preparations, or something more?

Reader Chris Davis of Fresno, CA writes:

Yesterday, 5/12/11, I was at the Apple store in Fresno, CA. I was visiting the Genius Bar and while there I could see into the back room where the employees are frequently enter and exit. I couldn’t see very far in but I could see a bulletin board right inside the the door. One posting on the board had the iCal logo and said May 28 BE HERE 8AM-10AM. Looks like they are having an employee meeting.

WWDC is scheduled for June 6th, a little over a week after the date of the rumored employee meeting. With an iPhone 5 unlikely to ship until September, the most likely products that Apple would be preparing employees for is OS X 10.7 Lion, due out this summer, and their relaunch of MobileMe, rumored to be called iCloud and featuring a streaming music locker component, similar to Google Music Beta or Amazon Cloud Locker. If Apple is scheduling an all-hands employee meeting with its retail workers, it’s most likely to prep them for the imminent release of these two products.

Yet there’s reason to be skeptical. Apple has tended to hold all-hands employee meetings on Sunday evenings after stores close, according to reports. This would seem to break with tradition.

  • randall

     Ha, meeting’s on my birthday. 

  • for real?

    Did the guy happen to catch a glimpse of the Fixed Activities worksheet? I like to know how often they clean the restrooms at that store, and such a factoid would be about as important as this special tidbit of nothingness.

  • Will

     Apple Stores have meetings around the end of each quarter on the same day company wide. Whether it’s in the morning or evening depends on the store manager. They never, never talk about unannounced or released products. Retail employees find out about that when the rest of the world does. 

    I used to be a manager in an Apple Store. When something new comes out, not even management has forewarning… they just get to redo everything and scramble to get ready. It’s just part of the job. 

  • CharliK

    That it is Memorial Day weekend makes me think his conclusion is bad. A week before or after and I might believe it

  • Adamlambert

     It’s their Quarterly Meeting.