Pix and Stix Offers Rubberized Drum Sticks & Guitar Picks for GarageBand on iPad



Pix and Stix is a new accessory duo designed for those who love to rock out with GarageBand on the iPad. It’s a set of drum sticks and a guitar pick featuring electro-conductive rubber tips that make them compatible with the iPad’s touchscreen, allowing you to drum and strum naturally without wearing out your fingertips.

The team behind Pix and Stix is currently trying to get Kickstarter-like funding, so the kit isn’t quite available just yet. If you want to get your hands on it, you can order now for $14.95 and as soon as it reaches its funding goal of $8000, the team will start making them and your order will be guaranteed. If it doesn’t reach its funding goal, you’ll get your money back.

The kit is currently available in black, blue, or gold metallic paint; although these colors are subject to change.

I’m a huge fan of GarageBand on the iPad, despite being completely illiterate when it comes to playing an instrument. GarageBand makes it easy for anyone to play around and make music, and it’s so much fun you become glued to it for hours. I believe its design and functionality make it one of the best iPad applications available.

The idea of having accessories that are designed to make drumming and strumming a more realistic experience is certainly an appealing one, however, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with smacking those drum sticks against my iPad’s delicate glass screen – even if they are only rubber.

What do you think?

  • John

    I was ready to order until I learned that postage to Canada was equal to the cost.

  • dan

    I feel the same about the drum sticks. Even though, they’re only rubber, I wouldn’t be too into taking them to the ipad screen over a long period of time. The pick is cool, though. As a musician, I love Garageband for ipad! I have so much fun playing with it, and it’s an awesome way to get people aren’t musicians to be creative and have fun. For $4.99, I think it’s one of the best deals in the app store.

  • Mike McKenzy

    Love it. I’m ordering! $8k should be easy enough to achieve. I hope they make it.

  • Articles And Blog Reviews

    Are those rubberized drum stick and guitar picks for the ipad for real?

  • Articles And Blog Reviews

    I would love to have that new app

  • Pix Stix

    These are real, and they’re awesome!  Check out a video of them in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • Pix Stix

    yes! check out the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • engadgetfish

    I’ve not received mine and, as of late, they seem to not be answering email. I call vaporware.