‘Cydia Search’ Lets You Browse Jailbreak Tweaks on Your Desktop



A new resource called ‘Cydia Search’ lets you browse the Cydia’s huge collection of jailbreak tweaks and applications from the convenience of your desktop. Finding the packages you’re looking for in Cydia can sometimes be a slow and unpleasant process, but thanks to Planet-iPhones, you can now find them from your web browser.

Cydia Search checks all of Cydia’s default repositories – as well as 7 others – for new and updated packages once every hour. You can browse packages by repository and category; by top rated, newest, and updated packages; or you can search the collection for a range of things like package names, descriptions, and authors. You can also subscribe to the newest and updated packages RSS feeds so that you never miss a Cydia release.

When you find the package you’re looking for, you can view all sorts of information such as when it was last updated, its author, identifier, repository, and more. You’ll also be greeted by a screenshot of the package’s page within Cydia so that you can read its changelog.

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As an amateur jailbreaker myself, I’ve been begging for a way to browse Cydia packages on my desktop for a while, and though an official Cydia for Mac application would be better, Cydia Search is certainly and incredibly useful tool. It’s so much easier than searching for packages within Cydia itself.

Head over to Cydia Search and try it out for yourself, then let me know what you think.

[via iPhone Download Blog]