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Queen Elizabeth II Is Not Amused By Android, Buys An iPad 2



The Sun, that last bastion of journalistic excellence, reports that Queen Elizabeth II has shuttled off one of her liveried manservants to the Regent Street Apple Store to buy her an iPad 2. Explanation, please!

As the story goes, at a recent gathering, the Queen — taking a break from humoring the drunken, pan-offensive ravings of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh — invited Prince William and Prince Harry over to Buckingham Palace, at which point they showed her their new tablets.

According to an insider, the Queen was “particularly taken with how easy it was to use, the large screen and how light it was.”

“The Queen has a mobile phone as well as the iPods, so an iPad is the logical progression,” the Sun’s source says. “She thinks it will be great to keep her entertained on all the long trips she has to make.”

I can see it now: a roomful of maids slaving away sewing conductive thread into all the fingers of the Queen’s extensive lady glove collection, the largest and daintiest of its kind anywhere in the world. Your tax dollars at work, Britons!