Amazon’s Cloud Player Now Works on iOS Devices



Cloud Player, the recently launched online storage service from Amazon, now works on iOS devices through the Safari web browser. When it first went live, the service – which offers 5GB of storage for free – was only accessible from Flash-supported browsers and Android devices.

When you first navigate to Cloud Player on your iOS device, you are greeted by a warning that tells you your browser isn’t supported. You can just ignore that and proceed into your music collection. Once there, you can use Cloud Player flawlessly: it will pause when you receive push notifications and incoming calls, you’ll get the blue “playing” icon in your device’s status bar, and you can control playback from the buttons in the multitasking tray.

Cloud Drive on iOS 1

So far Amazon have kept quiet about the update – which was first discovered by iFans on Friday – but we’d expect them to announce the news shortly.

Accessing Cloud Player from an iOS device was kind of possible before the change with a few workarounds, but it certainly wasn’t ideal. Playing tracks would launch the video player and you could only play one at a time, having to select a new track every time one finished.

This is a clear indication that Amazon’s Cloud Player is trying to gain some speed before Apple launches its own cloud-based storage service for music. Will its earlier launch give it an advantage, or will Apple’s service – perfected for iOS devices – take over when it finally goes live?

[via iFans]