Hands-On with the Yeti Pro, the Most Versatile USB Microphone on the Market (Review)



In 2009, Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (Blue) released the Yeti, a wonderfully talented little microphone that many, especially many podcasters, took notice of then proceeded to fall in love with. The Yeti was beautiful, dead-simple to use, and very Mac friendly. Yeti was also the first USB mic to allow users to record in any one of four different polar patterns (four I say!) making it incredibly versatile. And now, with the Yeti Pro, Blue is making their hit mic even better.


I’ve been using the Yeti Pro for 4-6 weeks now, and in that time, it became clear to me that the Yeti Pro holds the title as the most versatile microphone around.

Why? Plug the Yeti into your Mac with USB. Plug it into a mixer via XLR. Record 24bit 192Khz audio (that’s 4x CD quality and much higher than the original Yeti) in any one of four polar patterns. Monitor your audio in real-time. Mute your sound with a digital mute button. There is simply no other mic that I know of that offers ALL of these options in one beautiful, easy-to-use package.

Audio Quality

Here’s the bottom line: in most situations, the Yeti Pro is going to perform like a champ. Use it for a Skype call, use it to record an interview. Your audio is going to sound rich, clear, defined, and balanced. Want to do a podcast or voiceover work for a video? Boom — Yeti Pro all day long, baby. You could even use the Yeti Pro to record instruments or singing, just keep your expectations in check though if you do. There are other microphones out there that are more suited to this purpose and would probably give you better results.

Ease of Use

I said it once and I’ll say it again: the Yeti Pro is as easy-to-use as it gets. It comes with everything you need right in the box. It is truly plug-and-play.

Useful Features I Love

Gain dial right on the mic so you can adjust the output level.

Headphone volume dial on the mic that allows you to adjust your headphone level independent from the gain — a nice touch.

Digital mute button. This may not sound cool, but it’s super handy to be able to quickly turn your audio on or off at the touch of a button. This is especially handy if you’re livestreaming or in a Skype call.

New to the Yeti Pro, an XLR out jack! Now, some may not think an XLR output is a big deal, but I think it’s huge. XLR is a standard in the audio world. XLR means you can use the Yeti Pro with professional mixers, digital video camera pre-amps — I could go on and on. XLR out means you can use the Yeti Pro in professional situations, and just this extra bit of functionality that makes the Yeti Pro immensely more usable.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a mic for Skyping, podcasting, recording some music with Garageband, I’d highly recommend checking out the Yeti Pro. It’s feature-packed, easy-to-use and quite a looker. And at about $230 online, though it’s not cheap, I do think it’s a very good value and worth the cost.

It is worth mentioning, though, that if you don’t need 24bit 192Khz recording capability and don’t need XLR compatibility, you might as well save $130 and get the original Yeti instead. The original Yeti is an incredible value, it’s going online for about $100.

[xrr rating=95%]

  • Michael Spurlock

    Why does no one ever provide an audio sample with these reviews? Talk is cheap, show me the goods…

  • erfon elijah

    that’s a good point mike. i thought about including some of those here. i decided not to because i didn’t think people would be that interested in listening to them. i like hearing those types of things too though. in future posts i will check to see how i can integrate them in.

  • Phillip Blanton

    Just nabbed one of these for $87.49 plus tax. Tried to get more than one at that price, but was DENIED.

  • Guest

    Where/how? Info please!

  • Phillip Blanton

    Ha! I have a daughter that works for Apple. I don’t imagine it will work for you.