Read New York Times For Free, Courtesy of Safari [Easiest Method Ever]



If you’ve run up against the New York Times‘ new paywall, here is the simplest way to continue reading — guaranteed. This isn’t just a Mac tip: it works on Windows too.

To get around the New York Times limit of 20 free articles a month, some are resorting to the Google method. Copy and paste the headline of the article you want to read into the search engine, and then follow the link back to the Times. The paper has fewer restrictions on the number of articles if you follow links from search engines or social networks (It’s five per day from Google).

But there’s an easier way. You can read the New York Times thanks to Safari, even if you don’t have a paid subscription.

When the pop-up appears preventing you from reading the article, just press the Reader button in the Toolbar and bingo, the full article pops up. Safari’s Reader button is designed to remove reading distractions like ads and pop-ups. In this case, it retrieves the full text of articles from behind the paywall. It works every time and there aren’t any restrictions. This may be a loophole that the Times will plug soon, though, especially now that we’ve publicized it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on the iPad or iPhone. Mobile Safari in iOS doesn’t have the Reader feature. But if anyone has a tip, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks Diego!

  • Michael Powell

    Unfortunately (for some; I do pay) this doesn’t work on The Times website here in the UK. The login prompt appears prior to the full article loading/being displayed so therefore is not displayed and the Reader function does not activate.

  • Hai

    You can use Adobe BrowserLab and get around with it, since their servers are in the US.
    Or of course, you can get a VPN to a location there or a proxy, whichever is easier to get.

  • Robert

    Or, you can lose the silly mindset that everything you can get over the interweb is or should be FREE, and you can subscribe and support the businesses in question.

  • Andy

    Still don’t get the big upset as a simple clearing of your browser history does the trick…

  • Monopoly

    Fuck Rupert Murdoch and fuck the NYT

  • Marc

    Or you can delete everything to the right of the question mark in the URL, and reload.

    It’s the same effect as using Google but without having to go to another website.

  • Marc

    And it works on Mobile Safari.

  • Marc

    Another option is to stop loading just after the article’s text appears but before the whole page loads. This also works on all browsers (but may require a slower connection like that over Wi-Fi).

  • Cgs101

    clearing the history works just fine… or not logging in at all…
    the way they’ve done it is plain stupid..l The Wall Street Journal are a lot cleverer… just lock (completely) some of the contemt only…

  • Cgs101

    completely agree. IF they revise their subscription plans… their current plans are ridiculous….

  • Labradoor

    Or, you can buy the Sunday Only subscription plan for $3.75 and get the always awesome Sunday Times delivered to your door plus complete online access for free. Might go up to 6-7 bucks after the first 12 weeks. Still worth it.

  • Joseph

    I’ve been using this for weeks selfishly keeping it to myself. I hope you didn’t just ruin the good thing I had going.

  • Joseph

    Assuming you live in the right geographic location, where millions of readers of the times don’t live.

  • David Shanahan

    I use Firefox and what I do is go into Preferences>Privacy>Show Cookies, then find and remove all cookies containing “nyt”, then you’re good to go for another 20 articles. (I haven’t bothered to find out if there’s one particular nyt cookie that tracks read articles). Alas on iOS Safari doesn’t allow you to remove selected cookies, you have to delete them all, but that works too.

    Their subs prices are absurd, pay more to read it on an iPad than an iPod touch?, yeah that’s going to work. Get real NYT, stop trying to prop up the print version with crazy complicated iDevice pricing and price it for the internet (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly prices, no limits on which devices you can use, etc.) not dead trees. Better still drop the whole dumbed-down individual app approach and build an HTML 5/Javascript website/webapp that works on any device or OS with a modern browser.

  • Jdclu

    I wouldn’t read the anti american leftist, communistic NYT is they paid ME to do do. Don’t use this tip. The fewer people who read this tripe, the better.

  • Kate

    There seems to be an even easier way. Simply turn on the InPrivate browsing option before pulling up the times and you can read away. I’ve yet to have any restrictions pop up using this option

  • Gadgetgav

    That’s the method my non-techie wife came up with.
    The way NYT is implementing this it’s almost like they want it to fail – overly complex pricing structure and easily defeated paywall. It’s like someone was told to do it and is going to go back to their boss in 6 months time and say “see, it didn’t work”.

  • Hen3ry

    If you use the iCab Mobile browser on an iPad, there is a Readability setting available which does the same thing. Also, iCab supports tabbed browsing.