Apple Reseller Thieves Take Laptops, Leave iPads and iPods


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Thieves broke into an Apple reseller to swipe 22 laptops, leaving behind iPads and iPods.

Police in Brattleboro, Vermont believe the perps may be professionals who worked on commission, especially since they left behind two iPads on display and a box full of iPods.

“It’s definitely about the desirability of the product — iPods, iPads and Macs,” said Patrick Brown, owner of Brown Computer Solutions, who found his store stock a lot lighter after the 10:30 pm break-in. “If [thieves] can get 50 cents on the dollar, it’s pretty good money, and they are probably getting a lot more than 50 cents on the dollar,” he said. “If they were trying to sell Dell machines, they’d get 10 cents on the dollar.”

The recent number of smash-and-grabs at Apple stores around the country has prompted an FBI investigation.

Via Commons News