To Much Applause, Apple Unveils Final Cut X Today In Las Vegas [Updated]


Live from the Final Cut X event (via twitpic user @fcpsupermeet)

Update: Final Cut X will be $299 and will be available in the App Store in June. Still unknown are the future of Final Cut Studio (Including Soundtrack, Motion, Compressor, Color, DVD Studio) or Express.

Apple is, at the very moment I’m writing this, taking the cloak off of Final Cut X live and to much applause in front of the Final Cut Pro User Group Network in Las Vegas. For several weeks there have been rumors and murmurings that Apple would today unveil the next iteration of its venerable Final Cut video editing software, we’re learning now those rumors were true.

Final Cut users know that the last major update the software had was about 10 years ago. Though many users love the program, it was getting so long in the tooth it was starting to look like a vampire.

Details of the new Final Cut X are still coming in since the unveiling isn’t over yet, but one attendee at the event is posting updates via twitter (thanks @fcpsupermeet). Here are some notables from his twitter stream:

  • Crowd is unruly!
  • Final Cut X is a full rebuild from scratch
  • 64 bit – Crowd: “finally!” “thank you!”
  • Cocoa, Core Animation, Open CL, Grand Central Dispatch support
  • The Focus was on image quality
  • Fully color managed
  • Resolution independent playback/timeline all the way up to 4K
  • Features people detection, single or in groups
  • Non-destructive auto color balance
  • Automatic audio cleanup (option to auto noise reduce audio, more)
  • Features “smart collections”: a lot like the smart folders found in OS X
  • Editing can start immediately during importing of AVCHD and other media, switches silently to local media as it ingests
  • Uses every available cpu cycle to keep things rendered. Also highly scalable. Will even work on a Macbook
  • No interruption for rendering. No transcoding, EVERYTHING native. (incl DSLR footage–assume this means AVC)
  • Presentation received a standing ovation!


  • Film

    Well, it’s about time ;-)

  • erfon elijah

    hallelujah & amen! think of what has changed in 10 years!

  • DavidDennis

    Looks really awesome, but I wonder what happened to the other programs in the Final Cut suite such as Motion and Soundtrack Pro. If they are going to be sold separately the price might not look like the bargain we think it is – the upgrade price for the whole suite was $299 to get the previous version. Of course that upgrade was a major disappointment and this looks like anything but.

    Of course not having to type endless strings of serial numbers every time we upgrade might make it almost worth it …


  • erfon elijah

    me too and i want to hear what’s going on with compressor. that thing needed some serious tweaks

  • Ray Lane

    Looks awesome, but these reports just create more questions than answers!

  • HerbalEd

    Final Cut Express??????

  • cpm5280

    I don’t think “tweaks” quite manages to describe what Compressor needs. I use it almost every day, and I hate it more every time.

  • cpm5280

    I’m hundreds of miles away from NAB. I could hear the sighs of relief and the cheering from here.

  • Tigerbunni

    Forgive my ignorance, but is this going to be JUST an upgrade (must already have “Suite”) or will it be a full install for $299. That would TRULY be extraordinary!

  • dtgreen

    Wowzers! So this is just a direct replacement for the Final Cut Pro 7 app, not an entire new FCS suite?

  • erfon elijah

    hard to say at the moment. we’re waiting to hear more details!

  • erfon elijah

    i was being NICE : D

  • Max Ellis

    All reports indicate FCP X relies on the newest OS X Core libraries and Quicktime X. As such, it may have scant interoperability with current (Carbon & QT7) versions of FC Studio.

  • DavidDennis

    Just in case you haven’t heard confirmation, It will be a full install.


  • Tigerbunni

    Isn’t that awesome?? A friend of mine just got back from NAB and said as much on my facebook page. All formats will be native which is awesome for mxf files!! I’m on pins and needles….however much like iPhone for Verizon, I may make myself suffer and wait a bit…maybe let some of the bugs get worked out.