Eye-Fi X2 SD Cards Now Sync Wirelessly With iOS Devices



Apple’s resisted consumers’ calls to equip future iPhones and iPads with build in SD and microSD card slots thus far, making getting your photos to your iDevice a matter of either picking up a Camera Connection Kit (which only works on iPad) or accomplishing the same feat more indirectly through iTunes.

At CES, much beloved memory card makers Eye-Fi unveiled a cure all for these woes: a new feature coming soon to their line of WiFi-equipped SD cards called “Direct Mode” which allows the card to broadcast itself as its own WiFi network, made accessible to any iOS mobile device just by loading up an official app.

It’s taken a few months, but Direct Mode is now here. If the prospect of slurping your SLR’s photos or videos onto your iPhone or iPad wirelessly appeals, you’ve got two options. If you’ve got an existing Eye-Fi X2 card, you should be able to invoke the new mode just by installing a firmware update, due out next week along with the appropriate iOS app. Otherwise, the new Eye-Fi Mobile X2 card with 8GB of storage and Direct Mode bake in will go on sale on April 17th for the price of $79.99