Bored in Parliament? iPad to the Rescue


Picture 12
@ANSA, Antonio Martino, of the Pdl party.

Italians use the same word – filibustiere – for long-winded attempts to slow down legislative sessions, now they are using the iPad to combat boredom at work.

These pics were snapped during what was apparently an endless session about shortening trials.




Politicos around the globe have admitted to using Apple’s “magic device” as a plaything to combat boredom, but while the Americans say it’s “wonderful” during congressional hearings, Brits experiment and most of the German legislators look like they are at least answering emails, the Italians appear hard at play with iDevices. (Nice job trying to cover that screen, Roberto Menia.)

Still, at least this time no one was caught browsing for escorts, which happened a few months ago to Italian parliament member Simeone Di Cagno Abbrescia, 67.

Via Corriere della Sera